ZA 5k – 10k

Chasing Smoke by AMiserableLove Rated M O/S 8,496 Words
Beth is injured and alone after a botched rescue attempt from Grady Memorial. She wanders alone through the world surviving on insects and plants, trying to keep the will to live and not lose hope. She meets a travel companion and they make their way to Virginia and end up finding her family there. Once reunited, she feels cold and detached from everyone. And betrayed even though she understands why she was left behind.
Love Bites by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 6,278 Words
Daryl takes Beth outside the prison walls after a long winter to check out an abandoned cabin. Beth is bitten, but not by a walker, and she’s bitten in more ways than one.
The Art of Subtle Matchmaking by SpicyPepper-Sweet Sugar Rated MA O/S 5,963 Words
Aaron and Eric see the way that Beth and Daryl are around each other. They’re just trying to help them out in figuring out where their relationship is. Are they in for a surprise though.
Play With Me by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 5,155 Words
After a tragedy at work, Daryl comes home to Beth. She offers her body up to him for both comfort and distraction from the harsh reality of their world.
Steal Me Away by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 9,909 Words
Beth and Daryl survive long enough together to figure out they need each other to truly live. Their love isn’t traditional but it’s genuine and your heart will feel their triumph at making it together.
Rock, Paper, Scissors by apenny12 Rated T O/S 5,530 Words
A run goes badly. Beth arrives at Daryl’s house in ASZ and asks him to cut her hair. Close calls make for rude awakenings, and this one gives both of them pause.
Ticking Clocks Series by Abelina Rated MA 2 Parts + 6,993 Words
Beth arrives alive and (mostly) well at the ASZ, much to the surprise of everyone.
Fooling Around by Catherine_Toast Rated MA 3 Chapters 5,280 Words
It was a simple question, whether he wanted to fool around with her or not. It was only supposed to be once but it became more than that.
In Deepest Devotion by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 7,123 Words
Beth wants to try something new in the bedroom. Daryl is more than happy to oblige.
Time Stands Still (I’m Not Looking Back) by carlsroofpudding Rated MA O/S 8,093 Words
Beth, Daryl and a cabin in the woods.
You May Be A Sinner (But Your Innocence Is Mine) by pleasentlydemented Rated MA O/S 7,618 Words
Takes place in the setting of TWD season 4 episode 12.
Goosebumps by xmjcx Rated MA O/S 6,617 Words
Set after the fall of the prison.
Suck by xmjcx Rated MA O/S 5,046 Words
Alexandria AU where Beth lives.
Soaked by xmjcx Rated MA O/S 7,093 Words
The Governor still attacks, but the prison doesn’t fall; and Beth does one of the things that she does best: takes care of Daryl Dixon.
Gasp by xmjcs Rated MA O/S 5,077 Words
The rescue at Grady goes well, and Daryl gets a little overprotective of Beth one day at camp.
One Stormy Night by HallowShell15 Rated MA O/S 7,333 Words
Beth and Daryl find shelter and warmth and the fire isn’t the only thing keeping them warm. 
Can’t Stop Now by Bestbuds55 Rated MA 6 Chapters 8,498 Words
After the farm gets taken by Walkers, Daryl and Beth get out together and have to stay together. They find a motel to stay in until they can figure things out. What develops is a strong bond between the two.
One Foggy Night by HallowShell15 Rated MA O/S 8,130 Words
Beth and Daryl find a break in the meaningless cycle of survival on the run. Stumbling across the Greene farm, they must both confront the tragedy of all that they have lost. Since their escape together from the prison, they unexpectedly discover comfort and reassurance in each other’s company.
Daryl Dixon’s Salvation by rachellelovesyou13 Rated MA 2 Parts 5,760 Words
Daryl and Beth are reunited, married, and living in Alexandria. Daryl is scared to death of losing Beth due to her hard pregnancy but is hopeful when baby Dixon arrives, all will be well.
All I Want by sydmherman Rated T O/S 5,589 Words
Beth and Daryl are both barely surviving on their own. Being separated means they aren’t truly living. Told from each of their perspectives, this fic fills in the gap after what happened at the funeral home.
New Beginnings by Chels0320 LovingTheSongbird Rated MA O/S 5,805 Words
Beth makes it back to Daryl, but an overprotective Maggie pushes her back outside ASZ’s walls. What should be a break becomes another fight die survival, and it forces Daryl to confront his feelings for Beth before it’s too late.
Perceptions of Light by smile1 Rated T O/S 5,134 Words
Beth escapes Grady Memorial Hospital and finds Daryl, only she hasn’t completely left the nightmare of her captivity behind.
Not Invisible To Me by NicoleTheresa1 Rated T O/S 7,761 Words
One brief chat brings Beth into Daryl’s life. Starting out in the prison, the story follows Daryl and Beth’s relationship for several years, surviving all along, and eventually reuniting with their family.
I Missed You So Bad When You were Gone, Beth Greene by eReedus Rated MA O/S 6,773 Words
Daryl and Beth are reunited out on the road. During their separation, Daryl tortured himself for everything he never said or did. So when he lays eyes on her again, there’s nothing that will hold him back from telling Beth what she means to him.
You’re The Only Thing I See by sunken_ships Rated T O/S 7,770 Words
The rescue mission to get back Beth and Carol goes to plan, and now Beth and Daryl must confront not only their feelings but how the group would accept them as well.
Waiting On You by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 8,046 Words
It’s a hot day in Alexandria, but the weather isn’t what’s got Beth’s blood boiling.
Come Undone by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA O/S 5,258 Words
Let’s pretend…They don’t get interrupted by walkers…they finish their conversation…and then…Well, just read it
Lift Up Your Voice, Children, Rejoice by Abelina Rated T O/S 9,716 Words
There’s no dog. No cars. No one returned to lay claim to the place. Nothing to keep them from stickin’ around, so they do. And it’s hard, sometimes, to look around this new home without thinking about the past.
Different But The Same by HollyTree95 Rated MA 2 Chapters 5,911 Words
The last two survivors, Daryl witnesses the human moments that Beth has to go through in this brutal world.
The Secret RendezVous by LadyScarlettDixon Rated MA O/S 7,080 Words
After weeks with Daryl undercover in Negans group Beth awaits him in the cabin she told him to meet her at in the note she hid on him before he left. Armed with a plan to finally get them to be together, Beth may have more of a fight on her hands than she anticipated. Will these two finally give in to each other at this secret rendezvous?
The Red Card by LadyBethDixon Rated T O/S 5,025 Words
Ever since Beth walked out of Grady to reunite with her family things have been different between her and Daryl. When Deanna announces an impromptu celebration of Valentine’s Day in ASZ, will Daryl and Beth be able to take the opportunity to pick up where they left off?
And The Bright Stars Fall Behind by dynamicsymmetry Rated K+ O/S 7,598 Words
They don’t plan it. It’s not something they mean to do. But starting the night Beth comes to the ASZ, she’s going to bed with Daryl Dixon, and she’s never slept as well as she does when she sleeps with him.
Stolen Moments by Love-Forever-After Rated MA 6 Chapters 5,940 Chapters
Life was always trying to take every moment of their time. When Daryl and Beth strike up a friendship it’s like they’re managing to enjoy stolen moments. They soon get closer together and realize maybe they’re more than friends.
Derailed by PunkyNemo Rated T O/S 5,091 Words
They all have their secrets. Some are just better at hiding them than others.
Living Dead Girl by alwaysupatnight Rated T O/S 5,858 Words
If she’s dead, it’s definitely not Heaven. That much she can tell for sure. Her daddy had taught her all about God, and what happens on the other side of life was not this. This could never be Heaven.

Heaven is not a hospital hallway.

I Know The Sound (of Your Heart) by ghostlywhitedirewolf Rated MA O/S 5,735 Words
“Please don’t let me die a virgin.” After a close call with a herd of walkers, Beth asks Daryl for a favor.
And I’m Crashing Into You by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 6,891 Words
When Beth came back alive, everything pretty was worn out of her. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss it. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss what she’s lost. And it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want Daryl to help her find it again.
Too Damn Convincing by Moonlight Escape Rated MA O/S 5,968 Words
Beth finds out that Daryl had been reading her journal. When she confronts him about it, she gets more than what she bargained for.
The Last Man Standing by SandyBell74 Rated MA 13 Chapters 9.845 Words
This story follows Beth’s idea of Daryl being the last man standing. In the future everyone is long gone and Daryl is alone in the world, or is he? One day out in the woods he finds Beth, but something is wrong with her. Little by little he starts to unravel what happened to her.
Two Worlds by The Bella Cat Rated MA O/S 7,542 Words
Team Family is in Alexandria but they don’t fit there, they don’t want to either. They are tense and unsure. Although Daryl is sure of one thing, he fits beside Beth and he’s more than happy with it.
Uncounted, Crowded Stars by sparklesthedark Rated MA 3 Chapters 6,722 Words
This cute and sweet three chapter story starts off with Beth reunited with Team Family and making it the Alexandria Safe Zone.
 We Found Each Other in the Dark by Schwoozie Rated MA 3 Chapters 9,146 Words
Beth is reunited with her family after Father Gabriel kidnapped her from Daryl. She’s been on her own for some time and is not the same person she once was. Only one person can help bring her back.
Bloodsport by 5t4c3y Rated T O/S 5,845 words
Daryl and Beth come together much earlier, having to hide their relationship from everyone while they’re still at the Greene family farm. Daryl’s love for Beth is all-consuming, and he does anything for Beth, even if it means walking away.
What Matters and What’s Important by spaceshipdear Rate MA O/S 9,832 Words
Beth arrives in Alexandria with the family and is interviewed by Deanna. She knows right away not to trust her or the place that looks too good to be true. She gives Deanna the answer she wants to hear about who she was before but along with the group, she keeps her abilities to herself. She seeks out Daryl and makes sure that he knows that he’s important, and not who he was before either.
The New Sheriff In Town Series by spicehnoodles Rated T 2 Parts 9,287 Words
Beth Greene lives and continues on with her life with her family and a grumpy redneck, who remains right by her side until the end.
Changed by lostinthemusic6 Rated T O/S 6,361 Words
With Rick and the rest of the family, Daryl makes it to ASZ. Turns out there’s someone else there with the last name Dixon, and her name was Beth.
Months Series by ange1banage1 Rated T 2 Parts 7,210 Words
Daryl vaguely keeps track of how long he’s had to live without Beth Greene. Nothing seems to matter with her gone from his life. When she returns, it’s evident that she’s the only reason worth living.
Begging For Relief by WalkingFan Rated MA O/S 5,083 Words
Trudging along under the suffocating heat of the Georgia sun, Beth and Daryl find a brief respite in a small hunter’s cabin and the cooling waters of a small stream. For just one night they find a release in each other.
We Love More By Fate Than Design by PunkyNemo Rated MA O/S 9,543 Words
Beth uses her body to distract Daryl from the pain of another loss. She slowly builds an unbearable tension, controlling every move Daryl makes. Getting lost in their primal urges gives their relationship new depth, and it’s just another way of expressing their worship for one another.
Want You by athnares Rated MA O/S 5,301 Words
A re-imagining of the Alexandria party thrown for the group. Daryl never goes but finds Beth who has been drinking.  They finally get to have a private conversation
Tell Me I’m Alive by eReedus Rated MA O/S 8.206 Words
Beth and Daryl are trapped inside the trunk of a car waiting for a herd of walkers to move last them. The confined space and their lives hanging in the balance set the stage for them to make the most of the situation.
The Last Day I Was Happy by butimborken Rated T 2 Capters 6,846 Words
Reliving Alone through the eyes of both Beth and Daryl.
Fire by the Moon by em_c_writes Rated MA O/S 5,601 Words
Daryl finds Beth, drugged and about to be violated. After he saves her and takes her to temporary safety, Beth rides the high and takes Daryl along with her.
Please by Marlex7 Rated MA 3 Chapters 5,553 Words
In the funeral home, Beth and Daryl give in to the feelings that have been growing between them. Despite her inexperience and his unwillingness to believe he’s worthy of her, they know they both want to move forward.
Birthday Girl by Moonsway Rated MA 11 Chapters 9,404 Words
Beth wants Daryl to know she’s not a little girl anymore. Daryl is surprised by Beth’s brazen confidence to pursue him, and even more surprised to find he returns the attraction. While hesitant at first, Daryl soon succumbs to Beth’s charms. A little jealousy goes a long way to help him realize he needs her as much as she needs him.
 Shoot Out The Sun by zagzagael Rated T 4 Chapters 5,006 Words
Daryl is thinking back on all the intimate moments he had before Beth was kidnapped. He is depressed and his story cannot help but to have a melancholy bit to the sweet moments he recalls.
Love Me Some Home by Schwoozie Rated T 3 Chapters 5,851 Words
Both Maggie and Rick recognize a shift in Beth and Daryl’s relationship once the group has reunited. While Beth and Daryl have reached a new level of intimacy, Daryl still relies on Beth to help him as he battles his insecurities.
Reunions by helloalannah Rated T 3 Chapters 8,217 Words
From three different perspectives, Beth’s reunion with the family reveals how both she and Daryl have grown in their time apart. Daryl has faith and Beth has strength, but both need the other to truly be happy. Other members of the family find new appreciation for the compassion, love, and strength Beth brings to the group, and they know not to second-guess her ability to survive.
If  Only by JuliaGrey Rated M 2 Chapters 5,714 Words
Takes place during Coda (rewrite) and follows Beth and Daryl a couple of days after being out of Grady Memorial Hospital.
Aren’t We All Walkers Here by pancake_potch Rated T 8 Chapters 5,943 Words
From the outsider’s perspective, the evolution of Beth and Daryl’s relationship is more obvious than these two people surviving side-by-side even realize. Beth and Daryl are a natural fit despite being polar opposites. What they have in common is they care deeply for one another, and would be happy to spend however long the rest of their lives may be together.
Call of the Abyss by PunkyNemo Rated T O/S 9.878 Words
Experience Daryl’s inner turmoil and he tries to figure out what it means when Beth makes her way back to him.
Masterpiece by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated M O/S 6,320 Words
Paint me like one of your french girls Daryl. In which Daryl and Beth are kind of like Jack and Rose. Beth and Daryl alone on the road hide from a hoard in a bunker and Daryl reveals a gift for drawing and Beth remembers the movie Titanic.
Reflections by PunkyNemo Rated M O/S 8,780 Words
Daryl’s confidence grows and as he and Beth explore one another’s bodies, they’re showing one another just how much they love.
One Icy Night In Georgia by Maddie Rated K+ 2 Chapters 9,334 Words
Hershel, Beth, and Daryl are separated from the group, first by a rickety pick-up truck, then by freezing rain, and finally by Daryl’s motorcycle slipping on the icy road. Set between season 2 and 3, the family is still out on the road and this fic depicts a night of survival during winter.
Cell Block Tango Series by darkmystrss00 Rated MA 3 Parts 6,483 Words
Daryl comes to tell Beth that Zach died out on a run, but later that night it’s not Zach who fills her dreams.
Gasp and Ignite by tanglingshadows Rated MA 2 Chapters 5,079 Words
After the battle of the Governor, Daryl needs to relieve some stress. His girl Beth is always happy to oblige.
Loving You is a Talent by donutcats Rated T O/S 6,738 Words
Travelling together for so long, makes you comfortable around your companion. And even when you find other people, the comfort around one another is still there.
Changed by lostinthemusic6 Rated T O/S 6,106 Words
Daryl and the family spend six months on the road before arriving at Alexandria Safe Zone. It’s been six months of searching for Beth after she was taken from him, but it turns out someone named Beth Dixon is waiting for him inside the safety of the walls.
Our Gentle Sin (Redemption Revisted) by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA O/S 6.024 Words
Beth and Daryl finally take their physical relationship to a new level. Beth’s confidence pulls Daryl out of his guilt and angst, and their joining is likened more to a religious experience after a lifetime of self loathing.
Be Good by MHMacedo Rated T 10 Chapters 8,927 Words
Daryl reflects on how Beth changed him.
A Christmas Daryl by Ferdy 63 Rated T O/S 5,892 Words
A Re-imagining of A Christmas Story with Daryl playing our Scrooge. He is visited by three ghosts from his past to give him an important message.
During the Night by SeattleGirl359 Rated MA O/S 6,107 Words
This O/S gives us a happy alternative to what happens after the infamous, “Oh.” scene between Daryl and Beth in the kitchen at the funeral home.
We’re Drivin Cadillac In Our Dreams Series by badboy_fangirl Rated MA O/S 7,246 Words
Daryl gets Beth back at the hospital. The chemistry they felt in the funeral home surges back when they’re reunited, steadily building until the sexual tension finally breaks within the safety of Alexandria.
Drift by tanglingshadows Rated T O/S 8,784 Words
Daryl is drifting through life in Alexandria, still trying to cope months after Beth’s death. Losing Beth and Carol has made it too difficult to spend time with the rest of the family. He is able to have nightly drinks with Rick who is the only one who understands what he is going through. They deal with their losses together. Once they are deep into winter, some new arrivals come to Alexandria and Daryl is floored.
Hero Complex by apenny12 Rated T O/S 6,599 Words
Daryl doesn’t like the way that Noah follows Beth around.
The Red String of Fate by plomeeksoup Rated K+ 2 Chapters 6,550 Words
Even after finding Alexandria, Daryl isn’t doing so well in dealing with his grief over losing Beth. Aaron follows him out hunting one day and they stumble upon two wanderers.
Unexpected Notion by apenny12 Rated T O/S 5,054 Words
Beth and Daryl go on a run and suddenly Beth has to face all these feelings for Daryl Dixon.
Bath Time by Audriss Rated MA O/S 5,403 Words
Beth can’t relax in the tub, so Daryl comes in to help her.
March Fourteenth by TheWalkingDead69 Rated MA O/S 5,570 Words
To most people, March Fourteenth is just a regular day in the year, but Beth is gonna show Daryl exactly what it means
Three Times Daryl Dixon Couldn’t Sleep, and One Time He Could by yhim817 Rated K+ O/S 5,315 Words
A look back at the journey between Beth and Daryl after the prison fell.
Ignoring Her by ByeFelicia Rated MA O/S 5,623 Words
Instead of facing his feelings Daryl decides to do what he does best and runs from them, even if that means ignoring Beth who returned to him after surviving a gunshot to the head.
Twenty Four Chances by Vlora Rated MA O/S 9.802 Words
It’s an exchange of surprises, of different levels, of different kinds.