ZA 20k – 60k

Shifting Boxes by kerriclifford240879 Rated MA 10 Chapters 43,894 Words
All women in Daryl’s life fit neatly into three different categories; all women, except for Beth. As their relationship develops, Beth finds strength and Daryl is opened up to a world of feelings he never knew he could have.
Heavy Mitted Love by wellthatdepends Rated MA 5 Chapters 25,368 Words
Multi-chapter told with two parallel storylines—one where Beth is taken from Daryl and the other where they escape the funeral home together. Two stories show how Beth and Daryl form an inseparable bond, each making the other stronger and a better survivor.
When I See You Again by burnedupasun Rated MA O/S 38,009 Words
Ten years passed since Daryl lost Beth in that hospital hallway. Ten years of surviving, but not quite whole until someone brings word of other survivors. Daryl never cared about the names on the lists, until he saw Beth Greene scribbled on a worn sheet of paper. Once he finds her again, it’s like they both realize what they’ve been waiting for all this time.
Crawling Back To You  by siriusblackheartattack Rated T 15 Chapters 32,732 Words
They left her behind, the back seat of a car as her final resting place. But what they didn’t know, was that she was alive.
Broken Halo by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA 12 Chapters 22,906 Words
Beth endures a traumatic experience at the hands of Joe and the Claimers. Daryl must help Beth recover from more than just the physical harm done to her. In the process, their relationship deepens as Beth struggles to regain her strength and they continue on the search for their surviving family.
The Best of Me by Riain Rated MA 18 Chapters 35,779 Words
Daryl and Beth escape the prison after the Governor’s second attack leaves it in ruins. A romantic relationship develops quickly when they’re isolated and separated permanently from their prison family. Very AU ZA setting with OOC Daryl and Beth.
Flame in the Darkness by StephAnneDixon Rated MA 18 Chapters 56,573 Words
Beth and Daryl must find their way back to one another and then figure out how to move forward together. ZA AU story starts as the group is trapped in Terminus and follows the family as they make their way to Washington, D.C. Beth and Daryl can’t deny their attraction and the deep feelings they were forced to acknowledge when they’re apart.
 Married Life by Fantasy Cat Rated T 14 Chapters 21,978 Words
The Governor runs the part of Georgia where Beth lives with her family on the Greene farm. The Governor has stated that any female over the age of 18 must be married immediately and be pregnant within six months. Beth’s boyfriend Jimmy has died and Hershel is worried sick about finding someone for Beth in time for her 18th birthday. He asks his friend Rick to help find Beth a husband and after some unfortunate events, he finally begs a unlikely man to marry Beth.
Beside the Dying Fire by jerikataryn Rated MA 22 Chapters 58,903 Words
Daryl and Beth never find their way back to the rest of the prison family. Instead, two years after the fall of the prison, they settle into a new community based at an abandoned theme park. Though they each have deep romantic feelings for the other, the majority of this ZA AU story focuses on the long held tension between Beth and Daryl before they actually commit themselves to one another.
Just Series by BethylLove Rated MA 9 Parts 36,401 Words
Merle’s death leaves Daryl is inconsolable, retreating into his grief where no one can break through to him. Beth takes him out into the forest to try to offer him a few precious hours of peace. Daryl and Beth both discover they enjoy an intimate companionship, and they can’t help but succumb to the spark of attraction between them.
Don’t Walk Away by jazznsmoke Rated T 34 Chapters 47,895 Words
The story picks up right after Beth is kidnapped from the funeral home. Daryl chases after her but has to give up. A group of men come across him and he elicits their help in finding Beth. We also run into a few familiar faces along the way. 
Little Sweet Cigars by texasbelle91 Rated T 28 Chapters 42,701 Words
A well kept secret comes to fruition when a strange group comes to the farm. Now that he knows, he just wants to be there for their son, without anyone else finding out.
Simply Beth by PeachyLana Rated MA 12 Chapters 53,298 Words
Beth and Daryl start a complicated sexual relationship. While there is a strong mutual attraction, Daryl gets satisfaction showing his dominance over the young blond who is drawn in by his gruff, manly magnetism. Mildly AU ZA, and focusing on a dark animalistic side of Beth and Daryl.
Sparks by sydmherman Rated MA 19 Chapters 36,983 Words
Beth and Daryl quickly develop a romantic relationship just before the downfall of the prison. This story depicts their escape from the prison together and their time together before they go in search of the rest of their family.
New Sheriff in Town by pettyimperfections Rated T 45 Chapters 54,204 Words
Beth Greene has no clue where she is when she wakes up. The last thing she remembers was telling Daryl she wasn’t going to leave him. Now she doesn’t have him or any one else she can co-depend on. She going to have to save herself, and maybe a few others while she’s at it.
Never, Beth Never! by wytchbiker Rated MA 38 chapters 58,660 Words
Fast paced love story of Beth and Daryl as they discover their feelings for one another and make it through the ZA.
Apocalyptic Love by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA 12 Chapters 21,236 Words
AU ZA of the events that happen after Beth and Daryl burn down the moonshine shack. As they find their way back to the rest of the prison family, they begin to realize how much they rely upon one another, especially when they are continuously falling into peril.
Saving Beth: The Real Ending by Siara Brandt Rated MA 9 Chapters 20,877 Words
A very different take on the events following ‘Coda’
Eyes of the Heart by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA 12 Chapters 44,653 Words
Beth escapes from the hospital and ends up in Alexandria. She and Daryl avoid each other for a while, both feeling guilty and at fault for her kidnapping. One evening, it comes to head and they finally open up and admit their feelings for one another.
What Changed Your Mind? By kitkat9g Rated T 21 Chapters 26,682 Words
Set after the fall of the prison (MSF Season 4), Beth and Daryl escape to find themselves battling not only walkers in an apocalyptic society.  Familiar faces show up along the way, and their relationship deepens.  
Surfacing by lindentree Rated MA 3 Chapters 23,602 Words
Beth wakes back in the hospital bed at Grady Memorial Hospital. Somehow she makes the journey all the way back to Daryl and her family.
It’s a Strange World, After All by Winged Pages Rated T 22 Chapters 50,135 Words
Beth was shot, they saw her die, and yet, here she is standing in front of them. What once was her family, might not be the same people she thought they were.
Too Dead For Dreaming by girlinsipwreck Rated T 25 Chapters 41,718 Words
Escaping the overrun funeral home, Daryl is hit by a black car with a white cross, and Beth is in hot pursuit to be reunited with him. Beth and Daryl switch places, Beth encountering enemies and family, Daryl trapped in the dysfunctional system of Grady.
Walk Home, Run Home by Alfsigesey Rated T 11 Chapters 53,380 Words
With nothing but a hole in her head and a shredded nightmare of a life left to her, Beth goes back to the beginning, following ghosts. Meanwhile, Daryl keeps a fragile hold on reasons to live, and returns to what he left behind, following the light.
Hold On by Incog Ninja Rated MA 11 Chapters 43,939 Words
Now that Daryl has returned to the group with Merle in tow, we find that Beth sees Daryl in a different light. She is still mad at him for leaving in the first place, but his return has sparked some grown up desires in her. Her dilemma: how to tell Daryl about her evolving feelings for him and making him see her as a woman instead of a “little girl”. 
This Year by kclaura2003 Rated T 19 Chapters 33,588 Words
With the help of an old block calendar, Beth keeps track of their days in the prison. Through the holidays, the seasons pass, and Beth and Daryl grow from friends to lovers in a ZA AU where the family makes a solid life within the prison.   
One More Breath by Piper Elizabeth Rated T 17 Chapters 27,273 Words
Merle and Daryl are surviving together during the apocalypse when they run into a girl in trouble, Beth. Soon she joins them and conflicts begin.
Skin Contact by claimedbydaryl Rated MA 6 chapters 24,704 Words
This story begins as Beth and Morgan are reunited with the group, and Beth and Daryl immediately fall into their routine closeness. Tiny, seemingly innocent touches between the two of them develop more and more to more intimacy as their relationship goes form friends to companions to something more. Both grow more accustomed to each other, especially Daryl, who has really only known touches to be those of harm and hatred, but learns from Beth loving and cherishing touches.
Five Kisses by ALCzysz17 Rated T 8 Chapters 29,187 Words
Back at the prison, Beth had a crush on Daryl. These are the moments of how their relationship developed.
Come Back To Me by SessinSunglasses Rated MA O/S 43,315 Words
After Beth is abducted, she finds her way back to Daryl.  This story follows them as they make a new home together.
Fundamental Series by seren_ccd Rated T 4 Parts 56,107 Words
Beth never had much patience for science, and therefore it’s typical she’d finally understand a fundamental of physics after the world had ended and there were no more exams.
Waste of an Arrow by frankielouwho Rated MA 21 Chapters 57,400 Words
Lizzie is convinced Beth and Daryl are madly in love. With a little help and a few hints and nudges in the right direction, Beth and Daryl are able to find what they didn’t know they needed in a world of The Walking Dead 
Beautiful Here  by lovesheavyburden Rated MA 19 Chapters 40,827 Words
Beautiful Here follows Beth and Daryl after the walkers storm the funeral home. Daryl saves Beth from being abducted and eventually they meet up with other characters from the show. Rated M for some trigger warnings. 
Living and Dying by akiraflame-tumblr Rated MA 17 Chapters 37,822 Words
Beth is really ill during the flu infection, at the same time, her romance with Daryl starts blooming. Things are touch and go for a bit and Daryl realizes he can’t live without her. But the prison falls and Beth is taken away from the funeral home. Daryl now has to find her, but he is not alone.
 Rules Change by arrowsandangels Rated T 24 Chapters 46,833 Words
Daryl first notices Beth on the Greene farm, how observant she is to everything. Beth is intrigued by how different Daryl is from the rest of the group. Their unlikely friendship begins and they get closer after they leave the farm and make their way to the prison. However, someone starts stalking Beth and Daryl is finally able to admit his feelings for her.
Learning to Go On by Roxy Rosee Rated MA 11 Chapters 32,823 Words
Beth and Daryl start a sexual relationship while at the prison. At first, it’s just physical but when Beth goes on her first run and everyone finds out about them, they are pushed to realize their feelings for each other.
Hurt A Bethyl Fanfic by gansta’sgirl Rated MA 17 Chapters 36,674 Words
Beth was gone and Daryl couldn’t deal with life anymore. He left his family and made it on his own for as long as he could. Then one day, she was there.
Let’s Keep Warm Series by seren23 Rated MA 2 Parts 22,182 Words
After a close call, Beth and Daryl continue a careful journey toward safety and a new level in their relationship. There are still dangers in their world, but they’re confronting them together.
Broken Ones Series by badboy_fangirl Rated MA 3 Parts 57,050 Words
Beth has been taken away from Daryl. He runs into Rick and the rest of the group at Terminus but Beth is not with them. After they escape and make their way to DC, Daryl is not good company, refusing to talk and sulking about losing Beth. They finally make it to DC and there are some big surprises in store.  Upon arrival, they run into some old friends and there is a shocking reunion. 
Finding Normal by DeadlyBingo Rated T 13 Chapters 22,070 Words
Beth and Daryl reunited at Grady Memorial and had started making their way to Alexandria with the rest of their family. They didn’t waste any time starting a relationship and were secretly intimate. Beth thinks she’s pregnant but before she can tell Daryl, a herd separates the two and both believe the other to be dead. Six years late, Beth is living in Alexandria with their daughter Ella, and Daryl appears.
And from your lips, she drew the hallelujah by weshallflyaway Rated T 17 Chapters 40,841 Words
Daryl and the rest of the family leave Beth’s body on the altar in Father Gabriel’s church and make their way to Alexandria. The only problem is, Beth isn’t dead and wakes up alone and scared. Daryl can’t and won’t let go of his grief and Beth tries to survive as she follows the clues to find her family.
Heavy by percipere Rated MA 2 Chapters 32,758 Words
After Zach’s death, Daryl and Beth become closer. Then the unthinkable happens.
Loving Without Fear by eReedus Rated MA 4 Chapters 29,571 Words
Daryl and Beth were alone in the funeral home when Joe and his group found them.  They want Beth and Daryl isn’t about to let them have her without a fight.

TRIGGER WARNING – Attempted rape and mentions of rape

Who We Are by LemonStar Rated T 10 Chapters 22,062 Words
Daryl wasn’t made to stay in Alexandria. Beth feels the same way.
Lessons-Verse by Avulgaris Rated M 2 Parts 24,258 Words
Alone together after the fall of the prison, Beth learns how to survive not only the ZA world, but rough and tough Daryl Dixon. Without even realizing it, she’s teaching him more than just survival, but how to live.
Making The Best of It by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA 12 Chapters 42,167 Words
Beth and Daryl are reunited in Alexandria but can they figure out a way to bridge the gap in their relationship? Beth seems broken and Daryl is just angry. Can they navigate their relationship now that they are back together? Beth is no longer the doe-eyed innocent from before. Daryl is no longer the brooding angry soul. What does all this mean for them?
Ghosts by AMD1001 Rated MA 13 Chapters 30,966 Words
We’re all a little haunted. Beth travels a long and lonely road but she’s far from alone. Can she make it home? Can she survive with her ghosts long enough to find her solace once again? Or is she really just a ghost of herself, or even worse than that…?
The Cabin In The Woods by eReedus Rated MA 5 Chapters 22,820 Words
Beth finds herself and Daryl the perfect little cabin in the woods to escape to, then she finds out she’s not the only one who’s nervous about things…