ZA 150k+

18 Miles Out by mondieu666 Rated MA 72 Chapters 190,533 Words
This story begins in Season 2 of the show after Beth’s suicide attempt as Daryl goes out of his way to antagonize her. We are taken for a wild ride with Beth and Daryl as they cope with their ever-changing relationship and surroundings.
In the Blink of an Eye (Hear the Beat of my Heart) by SpicyPepper-Sweet Sugar Rated MA 28 Chapters 237,761 Words
Months after leaving Beth’s body behind in Atlanta, the group is wandering aimlessly, trying to figure out where to go for the winter. They come across Morgan in their travels and he offers to take them to a place he has set up with his companion. The group is in shock when they see his companion and are distraught to learn she doesn’t know who any of them are.
Into the Unknown by Wanderlustt Rated MA 72 Chapters 207,887 Words
Georgette and Candice Dixon never knew their parents. When they lose the only link they have to their pasts, they embark on a journey back to Georgia nearly twenty years in the making. The story plays with time and perspective tying together how Beth and Daryl came together and what came of the prison family after the Governor’s attack separated the group.
She’s Breathing by burnedupasun Rated MA 30 Chapters 210,090 Words
Daryl and Beth try to survive and live within the group; forging a new future for them both. After that fateful moment in the hallway at Grady takes a different turn.
Settling, Surviving, Thriving, Living by Patience Tyme1 Rated MA 24 Chapters 162,696 Words
Mostly cannon story from both Beth and Daryl’s perspectives, the author starts off at the beginning of season 2 and works it’s way through to when Beth gets taken from the funeral home and what happens to them after their separation. The story is filled with retellings of moments we’ve seen on screen and many that we didn’t, nicely filling the reader in on the moments that defined the beginning of their relationship and budding feelings for each other.