ZA 10k – 20k

Warming Up by Protected by a Silver Spoon Rated MA 19 Chapters 15,128 Words
Warming Up starts off while everyone is still at the prison, where Beth and Daryl start off a unique kind of friendship. Their relationship blossoms as time goes by; the story follows them after the prison falls, to the moonshine shack, to the funeral home. This has one of the best reunion scenes I’ve ever read.
There Ain’t No Christmas Anymore by cswrites Rated MA O/S 18,582 Words
Set in the winter after the farm is overrun, Beth is beginning to really observe the remaining members of the group. She notices that she’s not the only one suffering in the winter cold and decides to ask Daryl for a favor. That favor turns into an unlikely friendship and then something more.
Wild Things (The Moonshine Poet) by Abelina Rated MA O/S 14,491 Words
The fire Beth and Daryl start at the moonshine-shack ignites something deeper in them. Through months of having only each other, they grow to realize they only need each other.
Miracles by AngelKyone Rated K+ 5 Chapters 10,400 Words
Morgan found Beth along the road and together they are found by Aaron.
All That We Touch, Becomes Ours by seren23 Rated T O/S 12, 376 Words
Beth and Daryl’s relationship teeters on the edge of becoming something infinitely more serious. They escape the funeral home together, and as they continue to survive side by side, it grows clearer just how much they mean to one another.
 Beth’s Secrets by closetfangirl77 Rated MA 9 Chapters 18,325 Words
Beth and Daryl have escaped the prison but through their travels Daryl learns something that will ultimately change his life and how he lives forever.
Seven Layers by beyongmythought-s Rated T 8 Chapters 16,520 Words
Rick can think of seven different occasions where he knew Beth and Daryl’s relationship was more than just friendship. ZA AU, Beth is reunited with Daryl and their family after they escape two different captors. They work to rebuild their lives only this time Beth and Daryl are inseparable.    
Finding the Words by eReedus Rated MA O/S 10,202 Words
When Daryl doesn’t know how to tell Beth how he feels about her. Beth finally throws caution to the wind and decides to show him.
Transcendence by swiftsnowmane Rated T O/S 10,254 Words
All of Beth’s emotions are recounted during her captivity at Grady Memorial Hospital. What fills her thoughts and dreams are visions of Daryl Dixon.
The Only Way by thought_criminal Rated T 10 Chapters 10,542 Words
Daryl has given up all hope on life after losing Beth. His family are the only thing keeping him together, until he finally gets what he wants.
Give Into Me by Donna Lynn Rated MA 2 Chapters 10,374 Words
Set in the Z/A, this 2 chapter story starts with Beth and Daryl in the Moonshine shack and moves on to a new location that doesn’t follow TWD storyline.
Learning To Love by Kaittlyn Rated MA 7 Chapters 13,599 Words
A haphazard story about Beth and Daryl’s relationship in an AU ZA. Their bond is already established at the start, with a few quickly resolved altercations taking a backseat to their mostly physical relationship. Beth and Daryl are brazen with their affections and the story focuses mostly on a few smutty intimate moments.
Just Us by WhiteFoxLia Rated T 4 Chapters 18,574 Words
Beth has a crush on Daryl, but she doesn’t know if he returns her feelings until they’re out on a supply run with Michonne. Set in an AU prison.
My Dying Days by BethylLivesOn Rated MA O/S 12,686 Words
Beth was stolen from Daryl and brought to Grady. What they didn’t expect was the fight that was gonna happen because of it.
Closing The Distance by DixonsVixen Rated MA 10 Chapters 10,967 Words
Beth Greene is spending her teenage years trapped in a prison surrounded by the undead. For Beth, every day the feeling of hopelessness and depression just gets worse and worse. Beth wonders if she’ll ever escape. Beth’s life in the middle of the apocalypse is absolute hell, but for Beth, heaven still exists in Daryl Dixon. Will Beth be able to break through the tragically abused soul of Daryl? Daryl doesn’t want to get close to anyone, but Beth wants him, needs him and is determined to close the distance between herself and Daryl.
I Bet You Didn’t Know Somebody Could Love You This Much by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA 2 Chapters 10,423 Words
Daryl’s back from hunting earlier than expected, with a prize to show off to Beth. Throw in an unexpectedly open door, weeks of tension, a very different kind of showing off, and a decision to not walk away, and… Well. Watch what happens.
Love On the Run by TWDshipper Rated MA 11 Chapters 17,383 Words
This starts off with Beth being kidnapped and rescued by Daryl and becomes a tale of them being chased by the rest of the gang that took her to begin with. The gang’s leader is after them for revenge against Merle.
Till I’m Home Again by HaloNoir Rated T 14 Chapters 15,338 Words
Twenty four hours after Daryl loses Beth, he reluctantly joins up with Joe’s group. They have an initiation ceremony to welcome Daryl to their group and much to his surprise, Beth is part of that initiation. They quickly escape only to be found again by the Joe. Beth sustains a serious injury and a mysterious illness.
 It’s Time to Run by carlypotter Rated T 15 Chapters 11,973 Words
Beth and Daryl slowly become friends while living at the prison. Daryl is stressed out with Merle living with them and isn’t quite trusting of him yet.  Beth is a willing confidante. He starts taking her out on runs with him and she starts learning how to better defend herself. Along the way they realize their feelings for one another. 
Have A Little Faith by ThePoisonIvy Rated T 8 Chapters 11,418 Words
Daryl has reunited with Team Family but Beth is still missing. He convinces everyone to wait a few days before traveling to D.C. so they can search for Beth, even though most think it’s a lost cause. Meanwhile, we see Beth with her kidnappers in a camp and she plans her escape.
Building a Home by IntriguePrincess0621 Rated T 22 Chapters 17,196 Words
“I love you Beth.” A confession he had ran from for almost a month now, ever since they escaped the prison attack and lost track of everyone else in the group. She was all he had left in the crazy apocalyptic world and he was all she had now.
Lament by Saya087 Rated MA 3 Chapters 16,347 Words
Months have passed and Daryl is still grieving Beth’s loss. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t forget her and the regret of everything that was left unsaid between the two of them.
Daryl Evolves by JanessaIsiahRose Rated MA 9 Chapters 14,591 Words
After his emotional & communication breakthroughs with Beth at the moonshine cabin, Daryl continues to evolve in his relationship skills. Beth’s emerging womanhood antagonizes Daryl, encouraging change.
Talking In Your Sleep by Moonsway Rated MA 21 Chapters 18,198 Words
When Daryl overhears Beth moaning his name in her sleep, it triggers a desire in him to claim her body for himself. Beth quickly loses any preconceived notions about sex after experiencing Daryl’s skills and eagerness to please her.
Temptation by Tiffasian Rated T 3 Chapters 10,966 Words
A short little story with sweet little moments between Beth and Daryl as they go from acquaintances to friends to something more.
A Little Faith by spaceshipdear Rated T 13 Chapters 19,351 Words
Team Family has escaped Terminus but with a few losses. They are hungry and desperate for food and shelter. While hurt members of the group are recovering, Daryl tells Maggie about Beth’s kidnapping and they go on a hunt to find her, hoping she’s still out there, alive. They find no trace of her but Maggie starts to get a sense that something may have happened between Daryl and Beth. They decide to move on and run into some old friends on the way.
She’s Just Gone byihaveaslightvaddicton Rated T O/S 10,666 words
Daryl is not over the death of Beth, even months later while he and Aaron are on the road looking for survivors. Aaron tries to get him to talk but before he can crack, they stumble upon two people.
A Friend For The End of the World by asianballofdoom Rated MA 4 Chapters 16,888 Words
Scouting with Aaron, Daryl literally stumbles upon Beth, now a survivor and a hardened warrior along with her canine companion. Beth, traveling on her own for quite a while doesn’t know what to think about Alexandria and her family’s outdated perspective of her abilities. She’s tired of feeling like she’s delicate or vulnerable in their eyes and finds solace in Daryl when she realizes he sees her for who she really is. Some unwelcome visitors help everyone see Beth for who she is now and push Daryl and Beth to evolve their relationship to something more physical.
Complications by LayALioness Rated M 21 Chapters 11,024 Words
Twenty-one short chapters of Daryl’s internal musings and recollections of his time spent with and then without Beth.
Birthday Cake by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated MA 2 Chapters 12,210 Words
Daryl knows it’s about the time of his birthday and Beth wants to make it special for him.
Prisoner of Love by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA 4 Chapters 19,935 Words
It started out innocent in the prison library, but grew to something more.
East of Eden Series by badboy_fangirl Rated MA 4 Parts 10,132 Words
It happens fast, then it stops. It takes some time before Daryl is willing to admit his feeling for Beth.
If You Ever Did Believe by TheSparksAbove Rated MA 6 Chapters 13,784 Words
Daryl heard about a survivor spotted in the woods with the voice of an angel and scars on her face. Trapped between fear and hope, he sets out to find out if Beth survived the unthinkable.
Fleeting Images by StephAnneDixon Rated MA O/S 11,589 Words
Two years after Terminus Daryl is alone in the woods following a man to his safe zone. During the journey he can’t help but torture himself with the memories of those whom he has lost along the way. What he doesn’t know is that there are surprises awaiting him.
Each Coming Night by sparklesthedark Rated T O/S 15,834 Words
After the fall of the prison, Beth and Daryl escape together, learn how to survive together, and realize their feelings for one another run deeper than they thought. ZA AU, where Daryl helps Beth become physically stronger, and Beth helps Daryl face his emotional demons.  
Pride and Preconceived Notions  by Doverit Rated MA 8 Chapters 15,185 Words
Daryl and Beth are still at the funeral home and Beth was never taken. Following a night of extreme stress the two begin a sexual relationship. Beth doesn’t believe that Daryl has feelings for her and wonders if he is just scratching an itch.  Beth decides that she wants more but isn’t sure that he is able or willing to give her what she needs.  Daryl on the other hand is craving her in ways that he has never craved anyone before. The story unfolds with Beth and Daryl both being unaware of what the other is thinking and each being unable to be the one to take the chance.
The Ghost in You Series by michmak Rated T 2 Parts 15,768 Words
After Terminus, the group is willing to go to Washington and find a cure… except Daryl, who just wants to find Beth.
In the Dark, I Thought I Heard Somebody Cry by dynamicsymmetry Rated M 7 Chapters 10,551 Words
Daryl gets Beth back from the dead, but they’ve both changed. All the baggage they carry weighs heavily on both of them, but they cannot deny the magnetism between them. While neither can go back to what they were, together they both become something new. Together they are whole.
This Need In Me by PunkyNemo Rated MA O/S 10,245 Words
Daryl and Beth are desperate for some time alone. When they finally distance themselves from the group, what they think would grind any sort of action to a halt actually spurs them on to a whole new kind of kink.
One Night by FanoThe Fang Rated MA 2 Chapters 11,737 Words
Beth escapes the hospital and reunited with Daryl. They stay in a cabin overnight before returning to the group. With this being their only chance of privacy, they figure out what is between them and take advantage of the time alone.
Ifs by spaceshipdear Rated MA 5 Chapters 15,819 Words
Beth and Daryl are just starting out a relationship when Maggie and Glenn find them at the funeral home.
Cougar’s Kitten by BustersJezebel Rated MA O/S 11,279 Words
They filled an itch for each other, but with a change of home, comes a change in relationship.
Bethyl In Alexandria by starcrossedwriter91 Rated T 13 Chapters 17,239 Words
Moments of Bethyl as they get used to being in Alexandria.
Missed You by Mccorv3 Rated MA 9 Chapters 18,598 Words
This story starts of when Beth is taken from the funeral home and she and Daryl had a bit of romance already started. They end up reuniting over a year later and there is a big surprise. 
It Only Hurts When I Breathe by Aireabella Rated M 11 chapters 18,163 Words
Daryl deals with the pain and sense of extreme loss after Beth’s death as he realizes just how much he loved her and all the things he never got the chance to experience with her. 
 A Destiny Chosen by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA 6 Chpters 17,228 Words
After the family escapes Terminus, Daryl reunites with Beth. The journey to finding safety in a new home is the setting for Beth and Daryl’s developing relationship. Knowing what life is like without the other, neither are willing to waste the second chance they’ve been given. 
Nothing Sweeter by alwaysmonchele Rated MA 2 Chapters 17,500 Words
Daryl didn’t like this one bit, He loved Beth but hated to be the one to tell her, they weren’t having a baby.
When It’s All Over by Dani2013 Rated T O/S 11,202 Words
It’s been nine long years since Daryl lost Beth and in the interim he’s lived a full if not challenging life. They’re about to be reunited now as one chapter closes and another begins.
Nightly Walks by Colt and Katana Rated MA 11 Chapters 19,653 Words
“I’m old enough to be your daddy.” “Yeah, but you’re not.” Beth and Daryl cross that line.
Shotgun by Haawkgirl2342 Rated MA 6 Chapters 10,447 Words
Beth gets kidnapped from the funeral home. She and Daryl find each other, and then search for a new place to be. Maybe what they need is each other.