Artist of The Year 2021 Art Rec List

To celebrate winning Artist of The Year, we asked @gala-art for a hand-picked list of their feature art and a rec list.

Congratulations, @gala-art​!

Rec List:

Postcards from Maggie and Glenn’s Wedding by auxsentiers

Such a lovely fix-it idea, and so much fun. I always love a good fix-it.

Haunted House by lemortehomme

These pieces are what I live for—a perfect encapsulation of the pain that Daryl never shows us, even as we know it is there.

All of the works by @paperdollgirl and @boltthrutheheart​ who always bring such fresh, emotional takes on our beautifully tragic ship.

Personal Rec List:

Home for Christmas

My Home for Christmas comic, which I worked really hard on for several weeks. I have always wanted to tell this story, one where Daryl goes back to Atlanta, and I finally found the occasion to do that. My favorite part is probably Part III: I knew it. I just had a really fun time drawing these scenes from “Alone,” and finding the symmetry between the shape of the human heart and the shape of their hands intertwined.

(A or B)

(A or) B, which is another story I’ve wanted to tell for a while. I have many theories about the relationship between A/B in the series and how they may pertain to Beth. Whether B is a storyline we simply did not see, or a story that exists as part of a multiverse theory, I don’t know, but I know there is a story somewhere in which Beth is not dead, and perhaps even where Team Family does not have to endure the hell and tragic loss after tragic loss that comprise nearly all of seasons 6-8.

Still Screenshot Studies Part 1 & Part 2

I am also proud of my “Still” screenshot studies. I did three last year. I love sketching Beth and Daryl in “Still”/“Alone,” because I feel that, even as it’s so short-lived, Beth and Daryl’s bond is one of the show’s most enduring and most intense. “Still” is easily the best episode of the series (I think we all can agree lol), and drawing it makes me feel close to what they actually were (not just what they could have been).