AU < 5k

Daryl Dixon, Douchebag Extraordinaire by Feliz Rated T O/S 3,628 Words
Beth’s grown up with Daryl there to witness every clumsy, embarrassing moment in her life. Daryl’s always made sure to give her hell at every opportunity. Maggie and Glenn’s wedding on the farm gives Beth the chance to make it one weekend without being the butt of every joke, but only if she can survive Daryl’s teasing and him being so distractingly attractive.
When I’m Gone by SuperNintendoChalmers Rated M O/S 1,721 Words
Daryl walked away from Beth, and now she sings to him in the hopes he’ll realize he made a mistake. Little does she know he’s felt that way all along, and it’s only the thought of never seeing her again that draws him back to her.
In Your Room by ronsparkspiers Rated MA O/S 1,846 Words
Beth dresses up to give Daryl a little surprise for his fortieth birthday. Both characters are completely comfortable with one another that they can be bold and adventurous during sex.
The Dirty Hot Neighbor Series by the queen conquers Rated T 3 Parts 3,305 Words
What Beth Greene thinks of her neighbor
Something Real by wellthatdepends Rated K+ O/S 4,581 Words
Beth is a hitchhiker headed towards Nashville to be a singer and Daryl is a trucker. They have nothing in common, but maybe they’re all that they need.
Viva Las Vegas by rebbie Rated K O/S 1,222 Words
Daryl doesn’t like Las Vegas. Beth is determined to change his mind.
Would I Love A Turtle by rebbie Rated K O/S 562 Words
Beth wants to get a pet that they both like. Turns out, it isn’t that simple.
Going My Way by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 2,587 Words
Beth is headed straight for the wrong man and the wrong life. She meets the right one along the way, but it takes losing him to point her in the right direction.
Hit and Run (Right Back To You) by popculturesalad Rated T 3,012 Words
Beth and Daryl literally cross paths when a bit of car trouble scares away prey the gruff hunter has been tracking.
Your Love Is Thick and It Swallowed Me Whole by carlsroofpudding Rated MA O/S 4,440 Words
Beth and Daryl build their relationship slowly by inches. It takes so long for Daryl’s walls to come down that when he proclaims his love for Beth, she’s afraid to scare him off by reciprocating his feelings.
Good Girls and Chocolate by UnicornShenanigans Rated MA O/S 2,908 Words
In a perfect chain of events, Beth and Daryl end up locked away in the bathroom of a bar, inhibitions completely out the window.
Reminder by CaptainPassion Rated MA O/S 4,773 Words
Beth feels self-conscious about her body after giving birth. It’s up to Daryl to show his wife that he only loves her and her body all the more for giving him their son.
I’m The Last Pretty Girl (You’re The Last Decent Man) by NicoleKrystina Rated MA O/S 2,169 Words
Beth is Aphrodite, goddess of desire, Daryl is Hephaestus, son of Zeus and spurned by all Olympians but Aphrodite. Out of all the gods, also she wants is him.
To Be Loved as to Love by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 4,224 Words
Dismal and heart-felt one shot occurring on Christmas Eve, 1944, in the chilly forests of Belgium during World War II.  Beth is a teenage nurse tending to the injured American soldiers when Private Daryl Dixon appears with a strange request from his brother.  The two share an intimate lunch of hot soup together and Beth finds herself falling for him.  But nothing is fair in war and Private Dixon must be on his way.
Less Kind Without by moonwalkingdead Rated MA O/S 2,346 Words
Beth carries on with her day though the memory of Daryl lingers in everything she does. It’s difficult to love someone who can’t even love himself, but she can’t help but be devoted to him.
Where the Love Light Beams by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 3,873 Words
When Daryl and Beth are left alone in her family’s farmhouse on a frosty winter day, they reminisce about Christmases past. Beth tries to convince Daryl that meeting her parents won’t be such a big deal. Daryl, on the other, disagrees. Smut and cuteness ensue.
Pet by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA O/S 2,092 Words
Daryl is a vampire who finds a dying homeless girl on the streets. He takes her back to his place and saves her with some of his blood. He decides that he likes her and keeps her as his pet, feeding off her blood and using her for sex.
 Dixons and Games by jazznsmoke Rated T O/S 2,685 Words
This is what happens when the boys challenge the girls to video games
Like Real People Do by swiftasadeer Rated T O/S 4,146 Words
In this AU story Daryl is a drifter looking for work to fix his truck. The place he finds work is at a grocery store of a small town where Beth also works.
Begin Again by bbethyl Rated T O/S 1,598 Words
Beth is a struggling singer-songwriter in a city far from home. Daryl is a down-on-his-luck music producer. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of New York City, they find one another.
Far by AlisaRB Rated T O/S 2,359 Words
Beth and Amy hitch a ride to LA with the Dixon brothers. The journey makes them a ragtag family, and it turns out running away together is just what they needed.
A Hunter`s Heart by Bjorgman Rated T O/S 4,830 Words
In this AU fanfic Once Upon A Time meets The Walking Dead. To keep the stories his brother told him as a child, Daryl is hired by Lord Blake to kill a certain blonde princess.
Snowball Viburnum by adaptive_immnuities Rated K O/S 1,811 Words
It’s the day that Beth and Daryl had been waiting for.
Pirate’s Songbird by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA O/S 3,387 Words
Daryl is a pirate, looking for treasure on an island ruled by King Hershel Greene. While staking out the castle, he falls upon a beautiful princess singing a sad song. He decides this is exactly the treasure he wants and he steals her away.
Role Reversal by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA O/S 2,017 Words
Beth is a badass, trouble-making biker chick, and Daryl is a (semi) innocent farm boy. Daryl always wanted Beth but he thinks he could never interest a girl like her but one night, Beth sets her sights on Daryl and his dreams came true.
Take Care by ronsparkyspiers Rated K O/S 1,103 Words
Beth gets pregnant after sleeping with a man she doesn’t know and doesn’t meet him officially  until her car breaks down and he comes for her rescue.
Waking Up In Vegas by SirensCalling Rated T O/S 4,297 Words
Beth was going to marry Zach. Now she’s not, and she wants to drown her problems in moonshine, but for when she wakes up, she realizes that she’s gotten what she wanted: a ring on her finger.
Halloween by 1307 Rated K O/S 1,555 Words
Daryl passes on the only happy childhood tradition to his own family. He and Beth take their son out trick or treating for the very first time, and they are surrounded by the ones they love.
What was I Thinkin? By gunsknivesandplaid Rated T O/S 1,298 Words
In her little farm town, Beth is ready to set the record straight and show off her new boyfriend Daryl Dixon.
You Look So Beautiful In This Light by Moonshine Cafe Rated T O/S 2,432 Words
Daryl can’t believe how beautiful that blonde in the bar is. He also can’t believe how how much he’s drawn to her.
Your Blade (It Might Be Too Sharp) by pleasentlydemented Rated MA O/S 2,474 Words
Beth and Daryl have a past, and it’s not exactly a happy one, but they can’t just let go. So, instead, they play games.
Make That Girl Smile by Schwoozie Rated MA 4 Chapters 4,970 Words
It’s Beth’s first birthday since her suicide attempt, and Maggie thinks she deserves something special. Spending her 18th birthday at the Dixon Lounge isn’t exactly what Beth thought she had in mind; neither, of course, is being singled out for a private dance from the owner’s little brother.
Picture Perfect by SpicyPepper_SweetSugar Rated K O/S 4,105 Words
“I’m sorry to disturb you and I know that this is going to sound very stalker-ish, but I just took a bunch of pictures of you and I was wondering if you would mind if I used them for a project I am working on?”
Teasing To Please by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 2,697 Words
A man can only handle so much sweet, sweet torture
Just A Kiss by TrashShippingLord Rated T O/S 1,906 Words
Beth Greene just wanted to have her first New Year’s kiss, with whoever it happened to be with…
But We Preserve by wellthatdepends Rated K+ O/S 3,174 Words
Her heart soars with possibilities
Vixen In Disguise by Abelina Rated MA O/S 1,753 Words
Everyone thought that Beth was a good girl who obeyed her daddy and the law, but Daryl knows she ain’t so innocent.
Tender Curiosity by Kate Winters Rated T O/S 2,573 Words
The way they meet is anything but ordinary.
Only Love Can Break Your Heart by SilverSpoon6609 Rated M O/S 3,086 Words
It’s a strange thing, the way one person can impact your life. It was never something that Daryl understood, until he met Beth.
Unscathed by fid_gin Rated M O/S 2,551 Words
An AU where an emotionally distressed Beth decides she needs a tattoo
By Blood and By Me by NicoleKrystina Rated T O/S 3,538 Words
England was at war; it had been at war with itself for years. Her husband had participated in many battles at the beginning, when Edward had still been on the throne. It had scared Beth half to death, but she had accepted that Daryl had a duty to England and its monarchy. It was the most difficult thing she had ever gone through, and she realized that she was going to be expected to do it again. She had already lost her brother, Shawn, to the war effort. She wasn’t losing anyone else—especially the love of her life—when she knew that she could protect him. They had had so little time together, only two years, and she would pay whatever price she must to keep him alive and with her.
Knight in Leather and Plaid by sarahandrelouise Rated T O/S 1,766 Words
Daryl saves Beth from an uncomfortable situation
Reach Out and Touch Faith by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA O/S 1,698 Words
She’s nineteen years old and her boyfriend is thirty-eight, it was enough to cause an uproar in her little hometown. Even more so when people actually saw him, roaring up in his bike to pick her up from Sunday sermon.
Honey, I’m Good by Lemonstar Rated T O/S 1,438 Words
Daryl has to keep an eye on Merle one night and he cannot be more fed-up with all of that knowing that he has a beautiful girl at home.
Ride by lostinthemusic6 Rated T O/S 3,728 Words
Beth didn’t expect her summer vacation to be like this. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing.
 I Just Ride by reedyas Rated MA O/S 1,727 Words
Beth heads out on her own after her father dies and her sister abandons her. She doesn’t know what else to do so she finds her comfort in the arms of many men, earning a living as a prostitute. There is one customer, who just keeps coming back.
Birmingham by swiftasadeer Rated T O/S 2,121 Words
An AU set in the real world, Daryl helps Merle out on his illicit deals, traveling state to state. In Birmingham, a beautiful singer in a dive bar catches his eye.
Just Twin Fire Signs, Four Blue Eyes by noteonthedoor Rated T O/S 4,118 Words
Beth and Daryl discover the ups and downs, joys and worries of having a baby together. A really sweet one-shot with all kinds of Bethyl feels. 
Where Did the Party Go? by jazznsmoke Rated K O/S 1,290 Words
Based on the Fall Out Boy song ‘Where Did The Party Go’, Beth and Daryl meet at a club.
Not The Best, But Better Than Most by Chels0320_LovingtheSongbird Rated MA O/S 3,288 Words
Beth and Daryl have to talk with the principal because their son lit up matches at school. Sexy times.
Level Up by castronomicaaal Rated MA O/S 3,937 Words
Two complete strangers find themselves stuck in an elevator and they need to do something to pass the time.
Halloween Traditions by BurrSquee Rated T O/S 2,067 Words
Beth ends up in the wrong bar on Halloween. Luckily she sits next to a guy named Daryl, and it’s the best mistake of her life.
Swaying To The Beat Of Her Heart by book_lover89 Rated K O/S 1,168 Words
Daryl plans a little surprise for Beth, even though the biggest surprise is that he’s even standing there with her in his arms.
Orphans and Pandas by UnicornShenanigans Rated T O/S 1,377 Words
Some asshole has parked in her place. Beth knows she has to talk with that asshole. Wait… maybe he’s not such a butt-head.
Be Wild by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 1,694 Words
Beth meets Daryl one night in a bar. He’s rough, he’s wild and he’s savage. And that’s exactly what she needs.
Adventures in Babysitting by wellthatdepends Rated MA 2 Chapters 4,441 Words
Rick thinks Beth is bringing her boyfriend to his house while she’s babysitting. He asks Daryl to spy on her.
World Outside by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA O/S 3,714 Words
To fill an aching loneliness, Beth seeks out company from a male escort service. When Daryl shows up at her door, he is nothing like her type, and yet she’s immediately attracted to him. Daryl meets her needs physically, and for a brief moment a void in Beth’s life is filled.
Bruise Easily by Feliz Rated K O/S 2,016 Words
Daryl meets Beth at a bonfire and they spend the night together in a hay loft. Three months later, Daryl is still obsessing over his one-night stand but Beth gets tired of waiting for Daryl to make a move and finds him first.
Devil’s Backbone by lostinthemusic6 Rated T O/S 2,857 Words
It’s not surprising that our sweet little Beth Greene can lie and bat her eyelashes to fool some cops, but it was funny seeing her do it. Great little one-shot.
Things That Were Left Unsaid by defyingthelawofgravity Rated T O/S 3,567 Words
It’s Maggie’s birthday and Beth is at the bakery to get her cake  where she spots Daryl again after they broke up and he left  town.
First of the Year by The_Hollow_Bones Rated K O/S 3,269 Words
Maggie and Beth are invited to the Grimes’ Christmas Party. Beth later meets Daryl in the kitchen and in the beginning they argue but after a while they begin to know each other. Maggie interrupts them and invites them to a game. Although Daryl usually doesn’t play games he tells Beth that “one game won’t hurt.”
Disagree by popculturesalad Rated MA O/S 1,970 Words
Beth and Daryl know each other through mutual friends. After a cookout at the Grimes’, they share one spontaneous night together, no promises, no discussion. The consequence of their one night stand bring them right where they’re supposed to be– together.
Senoia Town Fair by jazznsmoke Rated K O/S 2,452 Words
Daryl Dixon never been on a Ferris Wheel and his wife Beth Greene changes that on the yearly Senoia Town Fair.  They drive several rides and Beth sings along to her favourite song, which Daryl hates. Later, they sit on the Ferris Wheel and enjoy their ride, while listening to a song that’s important to both.  They meet up with Maggie and Glenn to watch the fireworks after the ride. 
Libraryverse Series by bicycles Rated T 2 Parts 4,675 Words
Daryl and Beth meet on a quiet Friday night in the library. Deciding she needs a break, she uses her good girl charm to help Daryl with an unruly Merle.
Lines of My Heart by bjorgman Rated T O/S 1,710 Words
In a world where a line on a wrist meant you were in love, Beth and Daryl have ones that match.
Ballerina Beth by akiraflame_tumblr Rated K O/S 1,652 Words
Working as a janitor in a performing arts center, Daryl meets Beth as she rehearses late one night.
Tough Luck Drunk by inkyfingerstoo Rated T O/S 2,782 Words
Daryl to the rescue when Beth falls prey to the influence of peach schnapps. Of course, then he has to get his girl safely home.
Play It Again by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated T O/S 3,638 Words
Daryl is getting out of a laundromat and returning to his truck when he spots a pretty blonde sitting on her pick-up truck, swinging her legs and smiling at him.
Yellow Light by MG12CSI16 Rated T O/S 3,488 Words
With the birth of Judith, Daryl and Beth need to decide whether they move forward or hold back.
Fright Night by AlisaRB Rated K O/S 2,302 Words
Daryl and Beth go trick-or-treating with their daughter Emily and meet the Grimes. Beth also makes fun of Daryl a lot.
Four Days by TWD withdrawl Rated M O/S 4,427 Words
Beth and Daryl manage to catch up with Carol, Tyrese and Judith.  Within four days, their whole world changes.
He Can`t Quit Her by texasbelle91 Rated MA O/S 2,573 Words
She’s an addiction he just can’t quit.
Love In An Elevator by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated T O/S 3,002 Words
Beth and Daryl get stuck in an elevator and she sings to keep him calm.
Room 413 by Moonshine Cafe Rated MA O/S 3,506 Words
Alternate universe where Beth and Daryl are supposedly strangers who meet up for a one-time lustful tryst at a cheap motel.  Story has a surprising twist at the end which makes the reader go, “Awwww.”
Swallowed by the Sea by sparklesthedark Rated T O/S 2,560 Words
Beth and Daryl meet on her college campus. No matter how much Daryl tells himself he’s no good for her, they’re naturally drawn to one another.
Till Humans Voices Wake Us, and We Drown by dynamicsymmetry Rated K O/S 2,449 Words
Daryl and Beth are separated by a literal  (or maybe a figurative) world full of ruin. She bewitches him with her song and transforms him, accepting the scars from another life so he can be something new with her.
Siren by ZazuWoods Rated MA O/S 4,803 Words
In the middle of a storm, Daryl hears a song beckoning him to the ocean. He saves the life of a siren, which she does in return and more.
Open Bar, Open Bed by NicoleTheresa1 Rated MA O/S 4,067 Words
Beth is tired of being coddled by her overprotective brother and decides to live her life. She sees Daryl Dixon in the bar and wastes no time in getting what she wants.
Second Chance by LadyBethDixon Rated T O/S 2,612 Words
Daryl finds the confidence to ask Beth out but she turns him down. She realizes her mistake afterwards but thinks it’s too late.
My Shiny, Shiny Love by schwoozie Rated T O/S 3,376 Words
She notices the tattoos, but she also sees the baby that he’s got in his arms.
 Carnival Games by Squishycool Rated MA O/S 4,670 Words
Set in an AU, this story takes 18-year old farm girl, Beth, to the carnival with her sister Maggie and friends.  Beth encounters a Carnie running a Crossbow skill game and impresses him with her abilities and her looks and charm.A mutual attraction develops quickly and their fun continues in a haunted house.
 Every Now and Then the Stars Align by dawnofthedusk Rated T O/S 3,264 Words
The words were there on his wrist, he knew what this meant. He just didn’t want to be someone’s soulmate.
Loving Beth Greene by booklover1989 Rated MA O/S 2,055 Words
This is a Modern Bethyl AU one was inspired the by song He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones. IT IS NOT A HAPPY STORY
If You Love Me Like Music (I’ll Be Your Song) by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 1,979 Words
Fic of the fic “I’ll Be Yours For A Song” by dynamicsimmetry. Annette thinks Daryl needs a girl, so she sets up a date with a girl who “fits” with him, unaware that he already has a girl. Her daughter.
Private Lessons by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 2,924 Words
Daryl has to pick up Sophia from her dance classes. Nothing special, if it wasn’t for the dance teacher.
Coffee, Black To Go by sheriffandsteel Rated K O/S 3,106 Words
Daryl Dixon get’s coffee every morning after meeting Beth one day. Although he doesn’t like black coffee at all. Beth and Daryl are attracted to each other but doesn’t act on that until she sings a song and he listens.
Extra Credit by lupadaisy Rated MA O/S 3,678 Words
Beth is a student in Daryl’s college class. The attraction was instant for both of them and they finally take the plunge.
This Lovely Easter Morning by asianballofdoom Rated T O/S 3,686 Words
Spring has sprung, everything is in bloom, and Beth and Daryl are in love. A certain holiday seems like the perfect day to start their lives together.
The Plays The Thing by PicassowithaPencil Rated T O/S 2,884 Words
When the town of Senoia decides to put on the play of “Romeo and Juliet”, two people might just fall in love along the way.
Beer Pong by iwritehorribly Rated MA O/S 763 Words
Who could’ve thought that a simple game of beer pong would lead to so much more?
Bandaids and Sunglasses by Picassowitha Pencil Rated T O/S 1,824 Words
How do two high school misfits make it in a world where all you want to do is hide?
Make A Wish by zombielibrarian Rated MA O/S 2,311 Words
Bethyl make-up story