Take by exoticdeviance and unbadgr

Beth makes it a point to fuck Daryl at his place. His apartment is clean and relatively up to date where it’s important, but you can see it’s age in several things. Like the stark white of his kitchen, which is now a kinda gross off-white from decades of cooking splatter. The hilarious sponge painted walls in his bathroom that make her a little dizzy.  Her personal favorite, however, are the tacky floor to ceiling brass framed mirrors that double as closet doors in his bedroom. This is where she loves to fuck the most because it’s where she first noticed his need.

They’d been messing around, half undressed and a little drunk because they’d gone out earlier so

Beth could dance and Daryl could hang out and watch because he has two left feet. She managed to get him underneath her and sprawled across the bed as she tugged off his pants and underwear. She was tipsy but her hands were steady as they smoothed up his calves, his leg hair thinning as she reached his inner thighs. She pushed them open as she settled between them and took him inside her mouth.

This was pretty standard for them at this point, but she liked it. Liked being able to pull back for a breath and turn her head to watch him through the finger-printed mirrors. She was watching him when she decided to try something. His eyes were closed, breath harsh through his nose and hips rolling into her fist as she jerked him off. She took the opportunity to reach her other hand down, middle finger sliding past his balls to press against his perinium. The touch was unexpected. Daryl jolted and Beth overshot, the pad of her finger suddenly against his hole.

Beth watched his eyes blink open and she almost expected him to roll away or tell her he’s not into it, but instead he stared at the ceiling, pink cheeks slowly turning a deep red. She kept her fist tight as she continue to stroke his cock, and after a drawn out moment she rubbed her finger against the fluttering ring and back up to his perinium. She kept at it, stroking his cock and rubbing his sweet spot until his moans were near constant. Then Daryl’s eyes rolled and his mouth dropped open, thighs tensing up as his cock flexed in her hand. He was about to come. Beth allowed her finger to slip down again, but instead of a caress, the tip of her digit sank into him.  He yelped her name in half surprise and half ecstasy as he came, milky white spilling from him in powerful bursts.

He would later admit, under a cloud of confusion and embarrassment, that it was probably the best orgasm he’s ever had. Beth comforted him as best as she could. Letting him know that it was a perfectly natural response from what she’d seen on the internet. So with his hesitant permission, she started researching.

Their sex life was already pretty good, but opening this door seemed to be the key to kick it up to fucking fantastic . Each piece of information she found, she would share. She would share randomly while they were hanging out—in private and in public—deriving a mean sort of pleasure in the way his ears would turn a bright red and he’d whisper for her to quit being so bad. Sometimes she’d share via text with links to articles or gifs on things like anal fingering or ruined orgasms or pegging. If she was feeling especially brave she’d ask to see what he thought of it, encouraging him into the nearest bathroom to snap a shot of his hard cock for her to enjoy from the comfort of her desk at work.

So Beth truly has a soft spot in her heart for those ugly as shit mirrors.

Beth .”

She smiles as he whimpers her name and her hands stop fiddling with the straps on her thighs to knead his cute little ass, separating his cheeks to stare at the way he’s shiny and swollen from the fingering he got earlier. “You ready for my cock?”

It’s still strange saying the words and Daryl’s admitted it’s a little weird hearing her say them when she’s teased him before, but this is the first time she’s meant them. She watches as his flush spreads all the way down the back of his neck. He nods. “Y-yeah.”

Beth encourages his hips up a bit and shuffles forward on her knees, a spike of excitement running through her as she grips the base of her strap-on. This is the first time they’re trying this and she wants so badly for this to be good for him because she can already tell she likes it.

The cock is relatively small. She would describe it as cute, with it’s periwinkle color and interesting texture specifically molded for this type of fucking. Beth bites her lip as she spreads him open as best as she can with her free hand. She tilts her hips forward until the slick tip of her is pressing against his entrance. She grins around her lip as he moans, the sound pitching higher as she presses forward slowly. Beth nearly lets out a moan of her own as she sinks into him faster than planned, his greedy ass sucking her in as if desperate for more.

Daryl squirms under her, panting and eyes squeezed shut as he gets used to the sensation of having something other than her fingers inside him. She’s pressed tight against him, waiting for his signal to continue. His brow is furrowed as he nods again. “Keep goin’.”

She draws back experimentally, watching closely to make sure she doesn’t slip out of him before rocking forward again. Daryl groans as if she’s pulling the sound out of him and she repeats the motion, gaining speed and confidence the longer she fucks him. The sounds pouring out of him spur her on and she’s truly gaining a new understanding of how empowering it is to fuck someone.

“Ah!” The shout snaps her out of her trance and she slows, Daryl’s hand reaching back to grip her thigh. “ S-shit . You feel so fuckin’ good, girl.”

Beth smiles and runs her hands up and down his scarred back. “You wanna try the other thing?”

He groans out a breathy yeah , sweaty face nuzzling into the comforter below as his other arm reaches back. Beth gently grabs his wrists and bends his arms at the elbows, his fingers curling into fists as she leans forward to apply pressure. He could probably throw her off if he really wanted, but it would take some work with his arms locked behind his back and her cock lodged firmly in his ass.

Squeezing his wrists, she starts to fuck him again, thrusts measured and slow as requested and at a new angle that seems to be wrecking him quick. She leans harder on him and his face goes slack with pleasure before contorting when she grinds into him, hips rolling in short, quick motions.

Fuck . Beth, your fuckin’ cock s’good. M’gonna come. God— ” The words get caught in his throat as she rolls her hips faster and his entire body tenses into one long line, mouth dropping open in a silent scream as she relentlessly fucks him right over that edge. Her head is turned, an awed grin on her face as she watches it all in the mirror.

Daryl lets out a shout, hands opening and closing into tight fists as she continues to rock into him. His face turns into the comforter and her hips stutter when she sees him dig his teeth into the bed, his whimpers muffled by the fabric. She only stops when he slumps, the muscles in his ass twitching and trembling in time with his legs. Beth releases his wrists, gently laying their dead weight back on the bed and massaging his arms to get his blood flowing again. She shushes his shaky, low moans as she runs her hands across his ass and draws out of him as gently as she can.

Beth falls back on her ass once she’s free and she realizes with a giggle her own legs and abs are trembling from her efforts. She rolls off the bed to stand on unsteady feet and removes the harness, dropping it on the towel beside the bed. It’ll need to be cleaned but Jesus, she’s fucking tired.

She walks until she’s at the other edge of the mattress where Daryl remains as he was, face planted firmly in the comforter. Dropping to her knees, she cards her fingers through his hair until he shifts his head to look at her, blue eyes dark with blown out pupils.

“You did so good, Daryl.” Beth smiles and leans forward to drop a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “You doin’ okay?”

His face is blank for a while before he frowns, really considering the question. She waits, brushing his hair back from his face in slow, even strokes.

“I—” He licks his dry lips and clears his throat. “I think you fucked the feelin’ out of my fuckin’ legs.”

Beth bursts out laughing, head dropping next to his as she catches a fit of giggles and after a while, he joins her.