Moan by exoticdeviance

For someone that’s become so quiet, Beth is pleasantly surprised to find out Daryl’s kind of loud in the bedroom. He still doesn’t talk because he doesn’t really feel the need unless he has something important to say, but it also might have to do with the fact he’s about as experienced as her—maybe less.  It took a good long while for him to be truly comfortable being with her intimately, but she doesn’t mind.

Because Daryl Dixon might not be a talker, but he’s a moaner.

Especially during nights when he’s tired enough to be a little grumpy, but happy enough that it lets her know they haven’t lost anyone in the last few days on any of their runs. It’s a rare occurrence and she thinks he must be somewhat aware because it’s only in moments like this where he lets her play. They don’t really have all that much sex since condoms are all but extinct after so many years and staying alive is hard freaking work. Most nights they just want to go to sleep and the days they have enough energy and time to do more than kiss, it’s much more enjoyable for everyone involved to stick to foreplay that’s easy clean-up. They’ve never really talked about it, but Beth knows she’s not ready to bring a baby into this world, so all ‘real’ sex is saved for special occasions and very specific times of the month.

The lives they live now might convince some that romance and sensuality is dead, but Beth likes to think it gets up to walk around every once in awhile. A common enough problem in this new world.

It’s alive and kicking right now as she kneels between his spread legs, her hands wrapped tight around his hard cock as she strokes him. There aren’t any clocks around, but if she were to judge purely by the light behind the threadbare curtains on their window, she would guess they’ve been doing this for a good half hour or more already. Daryl groans low and long as she works him, her hands alternating between slow even strokes and quick jerks, her eyes dragging across his body and face, watching . They’ve done this so many times, she’s gotten to a point where she knows his body as well as her own. Every moan, twitch, or flutter of eyelids tells her exactly how close or far he is from coming. She watches his chest rise and stay, his breath trapped in his lungs when she tightens her grip, thumb rubbing relentlessly against his frenulum. Daryl whimpers with each pass of her thumb, mouth opening and legs drawing up as he gets closer.

Beth waits for his brow to furrow before letting go, his cock bobbing in the air. Daryl’s whimpers turn into a long whine, hands twisting in the sheets beside his hips as his cock flexes, searching for friction. His heels dig into the bed below him as he moans pathetically, that sweet moment of relief that would have had him spilling just out of reach. His chest heaves as he comes back down, turning his head to wipe his brow against his shoulder before opening his eyes and staring blankly at the wall as if he was not quite awake.

She liked when he got like this because it was the closest to peaceful she’s ever seen him. The rush of power and love she feels when he looks at her so hopeful and needy doesn’t hurt either. Beth smiles, sticky hands returning to grip his length and smiles wider when he groans out a satisfied yeah please at the sensation. She rubs an open palm over the head of him, gathering the precum practically leaking from him to smooth her fingers. Beth begins massaging him again with slow, sure movements, entranced by the sight of him disappearing and reappearing in her grip.

The skin of his cock is a bright red, practically purple in some areas and she squirms at the thought of how badly he probably wants to come. Making him wait has always been a turn on for her and she can feel the slip and slide of her underwear against her cunt when she moves, biting her lip in anticipation of having her turn soon. When her eyes flick up at another soft moan, she catches him watching her, eyes dark and pupils blown wide. Her strokes slow and her thumb returns to rubbing the sensitive nerves below the head of his cock, knowing it won’t take long for him to succumb to the sensation.

His eyes close and a hiss escapes him as he tenses, fleshy stomach trembling. Just when he’s about to reach that point of no return, she releases him again. Beth watches in satisfaction as he sobs, fingers digging into the mattress below as his cock jumps and throbs. Where before he was left needing more, this time she’s brought him just close enough. It takes a while but his groan is shaky as he shudders, white spilling out of him lazily and dripping down the side of his dick to pool below his belly button. Daryl chokes out a half shout, thighs brushing against hers as he squirms below her.

His breathing is labored when it finally ends and he slumps back. It’s not the same as a postorgasm high, but it’s a release and it shows despite his cock remaining as hard as it was before. Beth crawls forward to press her lips to his sweaty face, placing kisses wherever she can reach before landing on his mouth. She feels him grin against her lips, and his hand must still feel heavy and sluggish because he misjudges and accidentally smacks her in the head when he means to stroke her hair.

Beth flinches and snorts, a quiet ow escaping her before she could help it.

“Shit, sorry.” He’s apologizing but he’s also laughing, so she’s not sure if it’s entirely sincere.

She wrinkles her nose at him before dropping down to nip at his chin and practically flinging herself back onto her knees. Her hands slide to her hips to hook around the edges of her panties and slip them down. She falls back on her ass and bounces slightly as she wrestles the material off her legs. Once she’s free of it, she kneels again, shuffling forward until she’s close enough to straddle his hips. Daryl groans and moves to grip her waist, but Beth slaps his hands away.

“Uh-uh. You just lay there and I’ll use you how I like.” She watches him fight the urge to be offended because he knows how she gets on nights like this. She’s grips the base of him easily, angling him up until the sensitive tip of him drags through her messy curls to bump against her clit. This time she moans with him, unable to hide her mean grin at how hard he’s trying to be good and take it. Beth rubs him against her for a little while, testing just how high she can get his whimpers when she taps him sweetly against the swollen nub, their wet skin echoing in the almost barren room. She finally decides to take mercy on both of them, pressing his cock flat against his stomach before sitting and wiggling until her cunt is snug against him.

Her head drops back with a small laugh when she starts to rock back and forth, using his cock the same way she used to use her pillow late at night back on the farm when she was still discovering her own body. It doesn’t take her long to find the right rhythm, short and fast rolls of her hips with a few long and slow thrown in, the defined head of his cock rubbing her clit just enough that it gets her closer each time. After a while it starts to feel like a well practiced dance, his musical gasps and groans spurring her on.

She’s expecting it when the last moan catches in his throat, and slows her movements as Daryl’s hands lift to press into her thighs. “Fuck, stop.”

Beth sits up on her own trembling knees, watching him struggle not to sit her back down and make himself come. He knows the rules on nights on these and while she might enjoy it in the moment, he’s too aware he’ll pay for it later. Beth’s out of breath and desperate to find release but she still finds it in her to lean forward and brush his hair back gently.

“You’re bein’ real good, Daryl.” He whines and breathes out harshly through his nose. “You know how much I like ridin’ your cock, don’t you?” She’s feeling a little mean tonight.

His hands squeeze her and he breathes out a few more times before encouraging her back down. She doesn’t give him any reprieve, leaning back to plant her hands on his legs as she rolls her hips. Her slick covers him, swollen lips stretched wide as she grinds against him the way she knows will make her come fast. Her eyes stay on his straining face, his adam’s apple bobbing with each heavy swallow and low moans pouring out of him like a song as she works them both to madness.

Her hips buck wildly, nails digging into his skin as she finally reaches that edge and flies over. Beth shouts out as she gets lost in it and Daryl grips her hips, planting his feet to rock his cock against her spasming cunt. She slumps forward against him when she’s finished, forehead pressed to the center of his chest as she catches her breath. When she has enough strength, she rises up on her knees and reaches down to grip his now wet cock, jerking him fast until he yelps, cock throbbing in her hand as he comes in powerful spurts. Her hands slow down when his whimpers turn pained and she releases him, dick finally softening against his thigh.

Beth sighs and falls beside him, sprawled out unattractively but she feels too good to really care.

“Don’t fall asleep. I told Maggie we’d be on baby duty so her and Glenn could get some rest.”

This time when he groans, it’s not all that sexy, but when he says nothing else she decides she’ll take it.