AU 60k – 150k

Kentucky Ink, Georgia Blood by ayame2004 Rated MA 27 Chapters 69,805 Words
Daryl is a tattoo artist who first meets up and coming singer Beth Greene when her manager decides to make a stop in town. When it turns out that Beth has a stalker who attacks the tattoo parlour while she’s inside, Daryl gets hired on as part of her security detail. One thing leads to another and their relationship becomes more than just professional.
Slingin’ Shots and Greasin’ Gears by thejennakayshow Rated MA 33 Chapters 69,201 Words
Beth is a college student home for summer vacation. Daryl is a mechanic who just happens to own the hottest bar in town. Beth looks for work and winds up getting hired by Michonne as a bartender at Daryl’s bar, but she also gets a job working during the day at the same auto shop that Daryl works for. The first time Daryl lays eyes on Beth, he knows that there is something different about her and also something very special. The first time Beth tends bar, Daryl comes in to have some drinks. Not knowing that Daryl is the owner, Beth decides to flirt with the sexy mechanic. Daryl, unaccustomed to any type of relationship, finds himself unable to get his mind off of the blonde beauty.
Cornerstone Series by Lemonstar Rated MA 2 Parts 104,870 Words
Beth and Daryl meet while both working at Dale’s Garage, he a mechanic and she working the front desk. Their unlikely friendship helps heal the emotional scars they both carry and then develops into something more.
By A Thread by doncellerespire Rated MA 10 Chapters 124,301 Words
Beth starts working as an inspector and relocates to Atlanta after her brother in law is brutally murdered to solve the case for herself. The thing is… her partner will be the not very kind Daryl Dixon.
Waiting on You Series by Lemonstar Rated MA 3 Parts 61,826 Words
Beth needs to get away from everything and gets into her car, just driving with no destination in mind. She finds herself in a small Georgia town in the middle of nowhere and decides it’s the perfect place to start over – especially when she gets a job at the town’s diner and sees one of the regulars, sitting in his corner booth every night.
Spiced Molasses by mondieu666 Rated MA 49 chapters 143,833 Words
Herschel held on to a secret from his children which caused his death. Now, the police get involved and all three kids need to be put into protective custody. Daryl was just doing a job but somehow, Beth was still able to make her way into his heart.
Untethered by C.I.TigerFan Rated MA 20 Chapters 76,356 Words
A serial killer on the loose bring old partners back together. Not only are they trying to solve the case, they are trying to figure out the attraction between them.
Fix Me by Peachuzoid Rated MA 44 Chapters 98,663 Words
Beth and Daryl meet outside a bar when her car breaks down. She’s scared of bikers and he offers to help her. She becomes determined from that moment on to make him her and will do anything to make that happen. AU Crossover with Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad.
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by Bee03 Rated T 16 Chapters 65,385 Words
Beth volunteers herself as a tribute in the Hunger Games. Daryl is her mentor, and the only victor from District 11. His lack of faith spurs Beth on to prove she’s not just another dead girl.
Sweet Surprises by UltimateBethylFicList Rated MA 50 Chapters 134,176 Words
All Beth wanted to do was bake and make her mother proud. In the small town of Woodbury she’ll get to do that. But this town has much bigger plans for her and a certain redneck butcher.
Watch Me Bleed, Until I Can’t Breathe by pleasentlydemented Rated MA 10 Chapters 76,071 Words
Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon were everything to each other. They were an unlikely pairing, but that didn’t stop them from loving each other with an unmatched, fiery passion. Nothing did. Until Beth made the difficult decision to move away from home and pursue her dreams. And Daryl practically shoved her out the door, cutting off any connection between them for years. Beth moved on, because she had to. And when she returns home after a few years away with some exciting news, she can’t help but wonder why he is still lingering in the back of her mind. When they inevitably meet again, will the fire that once raged between them remain subdued? Or will the flames rise again, consuming and burning everything that Beth has worked so hard to build?
Deep Blue Funk by gneebee Rated MA 17 Chapters 65,265 Words
He’s a War Vet having a tough battle with PTSD, she’s a girl struggling with her own depression. Can they help each other?
Catch Me Series by LemonStar Rated MA 2 Parts 132,672 Words
Beth is a young single mother who is trying to get her baking business off the ground. She works from home and is observant of those around her. She knows of the two men who live in the apartment across from her. One comes home late at night, drunk and stumbling into walls, and the other is quiet, hardly speaking at all.
Third Week In June by arrowsandangels Rated T 28 Chapters 125,886 Words
What if Daryl had met the Greene’s when he was 17? What if Herschel had become his mentor? When Shawn, Maggie, and Beth were all still kids. How would that have changed his life? Daryl grows from a teen to an adult. And Beth is a kid, until she isn’t a kid any more.
Moonshine, Mistakes and The Morning After by darkmystress00 Rated MA 35 Chapters 86,178 Words
Beth and Daryl have met, briefly. Each of them secretly harboring feelings for the other. What happens when a fun time at a party with friends leads to the most awkward morning after?
 How To Save a Life by StephAnneDixon Rated MA 19 Chapters 65,385 Words
Beth and Daryl’s paths literally collide on the side of a road in Georgia. When Daryl saves Beth physically, he’s reached the lowest point in his life. Getting sucked into Beth’s world, she pulls him out of the darkness, and with each other, they become whole.   
Only One by xmjcx Rated MA 29 Chapters 92,126 Words
Beth and Daryl meet through a series of events and she makes it her mission to get his attention. She finally does and they quickly fall in love. However, Beth’s sister Maggie doesn’t approve and tries to drive a wedge between the two lovers.
The Hunger by LolaLitaReedus Rated MA 17 Chapters 128,638 Words
The story of how Beth and Daryl grew up together and started a life that they both had hoped for.
Leaving Georgia by gneebee Rated MA 27 Chapters 82,804 Words
Daryl and Merle moved to a new place and were starting over. They both find some lovely ladies to take over their hearts but some relationships are easier than others.
Stranger Danger by wedontstandachance Rated MA 37 Chapters 122,881 Words
Beth and Daryl meet in her small farm town under unexpected circumstances. Beth gives Daryl the benefit of the doubt and reaches out, showing him he is capable of being loved. Non-ZA AU, a sweet slow burn and romance.  
Man On the Beach by katiegirl99 Rated MA 35 Chapters 113,442 Words
Beth is a lifeguard in South Carolina. One day, she mets a strange man who seems to have just passed through a traumatic experience. Low burn.
Hittin’ The Highway by gneebee Rated MA 21 Chapters 72,251 Words
Daryl is taking his dream trip after years of hardwork. He was not expecting to find such an amazing travel companion.
All About That Bass by carowen Rated MA 36 Chapters 89,966 Words
Daryl’s band is in need of a new lead singer. Enter Beth Greene. While Daryl tries to keep his distance, their attraction is just too much for them to ignore.
Best Thing That Will Ever Happen To You by scifigirl22 Rated MA 22 Chapters 79,744 Words
Beth and Daryl’s relationship starts as a casual booty call, but an unexpected event helps them discover just how much they are meant for one another. AU, no zombies, set in Beth’s small farm town.  
Walk With An Angel  by carowen Rated MA 64 Chapters 146,954 Words
In Walk with an Angel, Daryl and Beth accidentally meet at a church, both there to pray. Daryl’s brother and Beth’s mother have both been in accidents, which lead to their meet up. Of course, they continuously meet up at the hospital as they visit their loved ones. Beth keeps a secret illness from Daryl, but when he finds out what it is, he’s there with her every day through the treatment.
Fight To Win by Lemonstar Rated MA 25 Chapters 98,832 Words
When Daryl first met Beth, she reminded him of his mother. Feirce but a pushover when it came to men in her life. Beth just wants to prove she’s not the weak girl he thinks she is, and that maybe she could be something in his life.
The Biker and The Bobby Sox by gneebee Rated MA 18 Chapters 70,809 Words
Imagine Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene meeting in 1958. He works in a motorcycle sales, repair and chop shop, she works at the drugstore and fountain across the street. Will these opposites find common ground?
Growing Up Dixon by zombielibrarian Rated MA 37 Chapters 75,342 Words
Story takes place in the here and now with “snapshots” of the past for informational and entertainment purposes.
Won’t Back Down by piper78 Rated MA 24 Chapters 92,269 Words
Beth is very different. Fiercely independent, trying desperately to hang onto her father’s property in the Georgia countryside. On her own, a bit lonely, she comes across a drifter that goes by the name of Daryl.