AU 5k – 10k

Just Pretend by burnedupasun Rated MA O/S 6,517 Words
Beth is an aspiring singer who finds growing success with the help of a music blogger named Daryl. One night a late night text inspires Beth to write a song that helps them finally cross over the line from friendship to lovers.
Blue Pills and Forgetting by CaptainPassion Rated T O/S 5,499 Words
Seen through the eyes of Merle Dixon, we watch as Daryl grows up and eventually finds Beth.
Sharing Sandwiches by burnedupasun Rated T 2 Chapters 9.078 Words
In first grade, Beth begins to notice a 4th grade boy who never has anything to eat. She shared her lunch with him one day, and then the next, until every day she has lunch with Daryl Dixon. They become best friends, and when Daryl fails a grade and Beth skips ahead one, they become inseparable. Daryl starts spending most of his time at the Greene farm, becoming part of the family to keep away from his abusive father. As they get older, Beth and Daryl begin to notice each other in a way they hadn’t before and their relationship takes the next step. 
Overloaded by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 9,693 Words
Daryl works at the construction site Beth walks by everyday. She isn’t like anyone else who crowds the busy downtown streets, and Daryl notices. Merle yells out one catcall too many, and Beth’s reaction sets off a chain of events that bring her and Daryl in direct–and very close–contact.  
All About You by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 8,961 Words
Beth finds the firefighter calendar she bought months ago, and suddenly memories struck her when she gets to July.
Merle’s Angel by burnedupasun Rated T O/S 7,157 Words
Beth and Daryl meet thanks to a drunken Merle. Through Merle’s point of view we see the sweetest romance and the bonds of family.
Adrift In The Aisles by burningupasun Rated K O/S 6,633 Words
Daryl finds himself going to the grocery store and not having a clue about all the different brands. Suddenly, a girl helps him.
Last Kiss by beyondmythought-s Rated MA O/S 5,634 Words
Beth is a world famous singer with a broken heart. Knowing what it will take for her heart mend, her sister/manager Maggie hires the one man Beth needs in her life.
Tear In My Heart by pleasently.demented Rated MA O/S 9,091 Words
Together Beth and Daryl let their marriage fall apart. Deep in their souls they know they still love one another–will love one another forever–but it will take everything each of them has to put their lives back together.
Of Cakes and Bubble Gum Series by Kate_Winters Rated T 5 Parts + 9,159 Words
Beth and Daryl’s time together in a world that doesn’t want them dead.
Your Hand In Mine by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 7,579 Words
This is our time
Like I’ll Never Love You Again by darkmystress00 Rated K O/S 5,559 Words
Beth and Daryl both work at a bar together. Both have feelings for the other, but are too shy to say anything to the other. What happens when a nightmare shows Beth that good and bad things can happen at any moment and nothing is guaranteed? Will Beth be strong enough to take the plunge?
Animals by Audriss Rated MA O/S 9,027 Words
She has wrapped her little finger around him, and he can’t say no. Not that he would like to say no. Or if he could say no.
And We’ll Be Good by tvparty18 Rated T O/S 5,573 Words
Hershel dies in the winter and Beth needs the summer before she’s good again.
Cable Guy by jazznsmoke Rated MA 2 Chapters 6,15 Words
Beth calls her cable company and they send out a technician to fix her internet, Daryl Dixon. Love at first sight. Pure fluff.
 Chained, but Free (unexpected-ironically) by noteonthedoor Rated T O/S 5,304 Words
Beth and Daryl meet in the flower shop she runs. Their first encounter happens out of pure chance, but Daryl keeps coming back to see Beth and a romantic relationship forms under the least likely of circumstances.
 Seen by swiftasadeer Rated M 3 Chapters 6,477 Words
Daryl works across the street from a little diner where Beth waitresses. Stilted, awkward conversations evolve into something more, and their relationship grows, but not without hiccups along the way. They truly see each other, despite hardly knowing each other. 
Follow The Light by lostinthemusic6 Rated T O/S 6,937 Words
The story of a beautiful summer that ended too soon, and the consequences that came after.
Together by dixonfaels Rated MA 2 Chapters 5,024 Words
Beth and Daryl are swept up in the whirlwind of a wedding on the farm and then a tropical honeymoon in exotic Fiji. The best part of their fairytale vacation is the affirmation that they are partners, mind, body, and soul. Together they can conquer everything.
More Than Meets The Eye by britishatheart Rated K O/S 6,558 Words
After toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, Beth musters up the courage and walks through the door of Dixon Tattoo. She anticipates having to brave the needle, not her interaction with a tattoo artist named Daryl.
The Distance  by tanglingshadows Rated MA 2 Chapters 8,426 Words
Daryl and Beth meet in a bar and they spend the night together. Love rises, but Daryl’s a soldier and has to go to Afghanistan as Beth goes to Scotland to finish her teaching studies. Can love keep strong despite the distance?
Take Me Home by wellthatdepends Rated K+ O/S 5.054 Words
In a Downton Abbey-esque one-shot, Beth is the nurse to Lord Grimes daughter Judith and Daryl is the gamekeeper of the estate. They slowly start spend time with each other (talking about Judith, of course) and Daryl starts giving Beth little gifts. She’s smitten but is sure Daryl doesn’t like her the way she likes him. 
Greyhound Bound Series by texasbelle91 Rated K 2 Parts 7,006 Words
Beth and Daryl leave everything behind them and meet in the back of a Greyhound bus on their flight from home.
Blind Date by starcrossedwriter91 Rated K+ 2 Chapters 7,602 Words
Merle and Maggie have a blind date together, so they decide to ask their respective siblings to go with them. When the older siblings decide that they won’t appear, Beth and Daryl are left alone to enjoy the dinner.
Light by AlisaRB Rated T 2 Chapters 7,031 Words
Beth looks back onto how her and Daryl met, and what a wonderful blessing it was to both of them.
The Girlfriend Experience by em_c_writes Rated MA O/S 6,764 Words
Daryl catches a girl staring at him in a masquerade party. But she cannot be interested in him… right?
Bloom by reedyas Rated MA 2 Chapters 8,495 Words
The Greene family is a pack of werewolves and when the end of the world hits, a group of strangers comes across the farm, including a lone wolf.
You Better Lie Down, cause The Angels Are Watching series by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA 2 Parts 9,042 Words
Daryl and Beth grew up together after Herschel had adopted Daryl and Merle into the Greene family.  Through the years, they two of them were best friends but things have been changing in their relationship.
A Slice of Life by swiftsnowmane Rated T O/S 9.969 Words
Inspired by the show “Pushing Daisies,” Daryl is a pie maker with a very special gift for bringing the dead back to life.  As wonderful as this sounds, especially when he uses his power to resurrect Beth, there is one stipulation that comes with the price of raising the dead.  He can never touch her again, or she will die a second time, and it will be permanent.  The doting couple must struggle with the feelings they have for one another while staying out of arm’s reach.
Her Own Halloween Story by mizxmacmanus Rated M 2 Chapters 8,611 Words
Their workplace throws a masquerade party and Daryl and Beth hit it off. Too bad they have no clue who the other person is.
Watch Me Fall by adaptive_immnuities Rated MA O/S 5,808 Words
Both Beth and Daryl have their fair share of emotional baggage, but it’s Daryl who recognizes the same hurt and shadowed past in Beth that he’s known all his life. Even though she puts up walls, he can’t help but want to tear them down and find out who she really is.
Peach Schnapps, Tattoos and Bartenders by CaptainPassion Rated MA O/S 5,779 Words
After feeling numb for so long, Beth stumbles into a bar in the middle of nowhere with no one but Daryl Dixon to keep her company. She may not know him, but for the first time in a long time she feels something.
Now Playing by wellthatdepends Rated MA 2 Chapters 9,928 Words
Daryl has built an honest life and now he owns a record store. But then he hires Beth Greene and he finds that the attraction is too intense to ignore it.
A Christmas Special by http_DeadSpam Rated MA 6 Chapters 8,737 Words
A few days before Christmas Daryl Dixon gets locked out of his house and no locksmiths is working until after Christmas. He meets Beth Greene at a bus station and she invites him to stay at her home until he can get someone to open his door. He agrees and they get to know each other better and better every day they live together and even shop christmas gifts for one another.
Does He Know Beth? By Carolina_not_Caroline Rated T O/S 5,020 Words
Daryl learns about Beth getting engaged and decides to go to her place to ask her some questions he needs to know before he lets her go.
Beautiful by teamtuttle Rated T O/S 5,181 Words
Daryl comes around to help Hershel out on the farm. He’s never noticed the youngest Greene has grown up until he offers her a ride home on his bike.
Mess by siriusblackheartattack Rated T O/S 8,797 Words
Beth’s drummer just left her band and she needs someone to fill the spot before their tour. Enter Daryl.
When Expecting by Carolina_not_Caroline Rated MA 2 Chapters 6,293 Words
What goes through Daryl’s mind when he and Beth are about to have a baby.
Country Song Series by spuffy_noelle Rated MA 2 Parts 5,276 Words
A series of Bethyl one-shots inspired by country songs