AU 20k – 60k

All I Ever Needed To Know Series by Feliz Rated T 2 Parts 25,375 Words
When Daryl was a kid his mother used to read him the Winnie-the-Pooh books so at twenty-six when he sees the set in a bookstore he didn’t think about it twice and ended up buying them. Fast forward a bit and Daryl one day meets his new neighbors: Beth and Emma Kate, her adorable daughter, who shares Daryl’s love for Winnie-the-Pooh.
Respectfully, CMC Dixon by Riain Rated MA 24 Chapters 54,102 Words
Beth finds Daryl’s name on a Holidays For Heroes tree at her church. A simple care packages turns into so much more when two lonely souls half a world apart reach out to each other for comfort and support. 
Summer of Change by mizmacmanus Rated MA 23 Chapters 58,588 Words
Beth meets Daryl a rough older man after Jimmy leaves her on the side of the road. He brings excitement to her otherwise simple life and she brings him a love he hasn’t ever know.
Love, Lies, and Family by Kaittlyn Rated MA 15 Chapters 29,312 Words
Daryl needs answers to his mother’s death; Beth needs someone to fill in as her boyfriend. They work together to find some answers and maybe find something deeper between them.
Good Times Series by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA 2 Parts 47,653 Words
Beth finds the number for a private tutor scrawled in a library book and calls hoping to pass her classes. Daryl is getting sick of Merle’s practical jokes, but when a blue diamond eyed southern bell shows up at his door, he may just end up thanking his brother.
Fresh Starts by Kaittlyn Rated MA 14 Chapters 26,398 Words
Beth’s friend Andrea gets her a job at a bar owned by the Dixon brothers. When a bar altercation brings a villain into their lives, Daryl is drawn to protect Beth, and Beth finds herself falling for the only man who makes her feel safe. Both of their pasts collide to bring danger that will threaten to tear them apart.
Expired Lover by BethylAddixon Rated MA 31 Chapters 47,369 Words
Expired lovers starts off with Beth living in LA with her cheating boyfriend, Zach. After he comes home too many times drunk with hickeys on his neck and smelling of perfume, Beth has enough and packs her bags to drive home to Georgia. Her homecoming is a surprise since she ran away with Zach three years ago and hasn’t been in contact with her family since. Things have changed back home and one of the best things that could happen to her is the new farmhand, Daryl. 
 Unknown Love by Sydmherman Rated MA 25 Chapters 51,322 Words
Beth is a college student living in a crappy part of town in order to save money. She isn’t close with her family and she is recently out of a very abusive relationship with Zach. She meets her neighbor Daryl after he gets in a fight in front of her house. He and Merle find out about Zach and move in to help protect her, but it also benefits them since they have gotten into a bit of trouble themselves. Beth and Daryl get closer but then events happen that threaten to tear them apart.
 Pleasure to Meet You, Mr. Dixon by akiraflame-tumblr Rated MA 16 chapters 41,760 Words
Daryl and Beth are neighbors and quickly become friends and much, much more.
The Stripper and the Dixon by NicoleTheresa1 Rated MA 12 Chapters 23,377 Words
Beth meets Daryl in the strip club she works at. She soons brings him along as she runs for her life.
No Strings Attached by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA 16 Chapters 49,177 Words
Beth and Daryl were friends, the kind of friends that had each other’s back no matter what. Beth was a busy med student and didn’t have time to play games. Daryl was sick of crash and burn relationships. They come to an agreement. Find out what happens when the line between friendship and love is crossed.
Ghost by Kate_Winters Rated M 8 Chapters 23,103 Words
Daryl breaks Beth’s heart, and she leaves town to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. When two years pass, and her family needs her, Beth returns to the farm, knowing that she had never stopped loving him. Even after what he’d done.
The Candle by http_DeadSpam Rated MA 31 Chapters 49,247 Words
Beth takes a hiking class and is pleasantly surprised that her surly instructor is not so prickly after all. Beth and Daryl learn to navigate their own lives, and how to do so together when things get rough.
You Like It Hard Like Me by exoticdeviance Rated MA 9 Chapters 38,282 Words
Daryl’s gloved hand flops to the floor between them. It’s the first sign of defeat, but Beth bites her lip to hold back. He hasn’t said yes just yet. “I don’t fuckin’ own shit nice enough for a weddin’.” She grins.
Right On Target by UltimateBethylFicList Rated T 12 Chapters 26,389 Words
Beth is at her wits end with her son. She needs to find an outlet for him to get rid of that excess energy. Daryl is paying back a favor when he agreed to teach an archery class. What’s in store for when these two meet?
Hello Neighbor by melodicunrest Rated MA 27 Chapters 39,795 Words
Beth moves to Savannah to spread her wings while attending college and supporting herself with a part time job at a local church. What she didn’t expect was the move in next door to the loud and rowdy Dixon brothers. 
16 and Pregnant by MrsDarylDixon14 Rated T 21 Chapters 41,770 Words
To get over her ex-boyfriend, Beth sneaks into the bar and meets Daryl Dixon. Their one night of passion, leads them a mistake, neither one can take back.
Over Anticipate Series by AlisaRB Rated MA 3 Parts 37,633 Words
Maggie and Daryl become friends, and he soon become apart of the Greene family. Over the years, he sees Beth grow up from the small shy girl, to an amazing young woman.
The Past Comes Home by PrincessPears Rated MA 17 Chapters 38,709 Words
Beth Greene comes home from New York with her new fiance in tow, only to run into her husband, Daryl Dixon. The memories of their past life together come flooding back in a whirlwind of love, anger, happiness and depression. Now she’s left with two hard questions to answer: Which man does she love more? Can she make things right with both of them?
Cinders and Soot by salmonellafitzgerald Rated M 10 Chapters 26,776 Words
Daryl was just trying to keep his brother out of trouble. Beth was in the right place at the wrong time. A Bank robbery gone wrong, leads our duo on an adventure neither wanted to take.
Adoptionverse Series by darkmystress00 Rated MA 3 Parts 55,934 Words
Beth hires Daryl to play her boyfriend for a week so she can adopt Rick and Lori’s orphaned daughter. At first Beth and Daryl’s relationship is a mere business transaction, but before they realize it, they’ve stopped playing and are ready to be a family.
Unexpected Attraction by jessicagaff0412 Rated MA 23 Chapters 44,440 Words
Beth and Daryl meet through Beth’s good-for-nothing boyfriend Jimmy. The attraction is there from the start. Beth kicks Jimmy to the curb and he ends up robbing Daryl’s bike shop, but Beth and Daryl both easily move on to greener pastures.
The Orchard Series by Lemonstar Rated MA 2 Parts 54,881 Words
1945. The war is over and Daryl Dixon comes back to start working for Hershel Greene. However, he soon realizes that it’s going to be more difficult than it looked when he meets Beth.
The Secrets of Summer by carowen Rated MA 21 Chapters 50,619 Words
Beth and Daryl shared an unforgettable summer but he left abruptly, breaking her heart. When he finally does come back, he sees Beth and what he left behind.
A Piece of Rough by Schwoozie Rated MA 14 Chapters 59,959 Words
Beth meets Daryl in a bikers bar one night when she’s dragged there with her sister. They share a brief encounter in the bathroom and after that, Beth decides that she needs more.
We’ll Be Good by bbjorgman Rated MA 16 Chapters 30,062 Words
After Beth’s boyfriend cheats on her, she moves back to her small hometown to start her life over. She can’t bear to face him at a friend’s wedding so she calls in a favor to her childhood best friend Daryl Dixon. While pretending to be a couple, they realize they were meant for each other all along.
The Road by alwaysmonchele Rated MA O/S 24,934 Words
Daryl is a drifter, not tied down to anything. Beth is at her wits end as a single mother. Together they make each other’s lives better.
The Lesson Learned by gneebee Rated MA 13 Chapters 56,016 Words
Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene meet the first day of kindergarten. They promise to be friends forever, to always have each others backs. Friendship leads to love, can it really last forever?