AU 150k+

I’ll Be Yours For a Song by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA 94 Chapters 403,122 Words
Daryl Dixon is just wandering through life, uncertain about the life in front of him. A chance encounter with Beth Greene one rainy night changes his outlook on life, hope, and love, in ways he never thought possible.
Out After Dusk by Alfsigesy Rated MA 46 Chapters 185,055 Words
Beth’s stupid-ass friends are determined to make her eighteenth birthday memorable. Their antics leave her stranded in the bad part of an unfamiliar town, currently patrolled by Officer Shane Walsh. Threatened by criminals and cops alike, she’s forced to hunker-down with a group of roughs, including a certain ornery redneck.
Daddy Daryl by zombielibrarian Rated MA 67 Chapters 164,510 Words
Beth has a young child – fathered by none other than Shane Walsh. Shane is no longer around though – and Beth is left to raise Silas on her own. Enter our own resident hero, Daryl Dixon – well, here in the land of Bethyl he’s a hero.
House Call Series by Lemonstar Rated MA 12 Parts + 150,000 Words
A look at the life of Beth and Daryl Dixon.