AU 10k – 20k

A Deal’s a Deal by Pipergirl17 Rated MA O/S 12,093 words
Beth decides to enter a photography contests and accidentally comes upon Daryl and Merle’s house. She loves what she sees and wants to photograph it for the contest. Merle wants some of the prize if she takes the photo but since there is no monetary prize involved, he makes a deal with her if she wins.
Florida or Bust by asianballofdoom Rated MA O/S 11,707 Words
Merle stops by Beth and Daryl’s place, determined to take his little brother on vacation to a biker rally in Daytona. Not to be left out, Beth sweet talks her way into accompanying the brothers and both trouble and hilarity ensue. Luckily (because of the trouble), Beth changes their plans and Daryl finally gets a real vacation.
I Don’t, but I Will by sheriffandsteel Rated MA O/S 10,822 Words
Beth convinces her good friend Daryl to accompany her to to Maggie’s wedding. Over the weekend, the two get closer and start to realize that the other may actually reciprocate their feelings. On the way home, they lose a tire and the decision to remain just friends or become something more comes to a head.
Baby Greene by lostinthmusic6 Rated T 2 Chapters 18,707 Words
Daryl will do anything to get a rise out of Shawn’s kid sister Beth. Beth grows up bickering with her big brother’s infuriating best friend. One day they both realize they’ve grown up and everything that drove the other crazy is what’s made them fall head-over-heels in love with one another.
Comfy Cozy by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 10,891 Words
Beth heads home from her first semester of college to celebrate Christmas with her family. As she’s driving down the country road that leads back to the farm, she spies Daryl Dixon, shoulders hunched as he trudges through the snow.  Instead of giving him a ride to a lonely Christmas spent in a bar, Beth takes Daryl to spend the holiday with the Greene’s.
Fire and Rain by holdupjustnow Rated MA 11 Chapters 19,075 Words
Daryl’s known Beth her whole life. She’s always made him want to be an honest man, and as she grows into the remarkable woman he knew she’d be, she teaches him about a love, acceptance, and strength.
Pizza, Cake, n Shine by asianballofdoom Rated MA 3 Chapters 12,220 Words
Daryl meets Beth (his apparent party planner) while celebrating his 39th birthday in the most ridiculous, Hollywood style ever. His (now ex) girlfriend had made all the glitzy plans without him in mind. Beth seems to get him, and isn’t offended by his distaste and the two make fast friends for the evening. They end up bonding over apple moonshine and neither of them have any desire to be with anyone else again.
Gemma by SaraiVe Rated MA O/S 10,304 Words
He just wanted to save the kittens’ life. It ended up changing his.
The Prison Group by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA 10 Chapters 13,834 Words
Beth and Daryl are a Bonnie and Clyde couple, part of a skilled and close-knit crime ring. Their passion and talents as bank robbers are exceeded only by their chemistry and devotion to one another. The Prison Group is a well-oiled machine, elusive, and wily as they pull jobs that leave law enforcement and the media stumped.
From The Trail by BurrSquee Rated T O/S 19,248 Words
Beth records her family’s journey along the Oregon Trail. Through her diary, she tells the story of their travels together with the Grimes family and a quiet, honorable man named Daryl Dixon.
Our Place by eReedus Rated MA 2 Chapters 15,098 Words
Set up in the prison. Daryl and Beth are friends and they have a secret place where they spend time together, but then Daryl sees Beth and gets the wrong idea and she gets really angry.
See Where We Land by spicehnoodles Rated T 2 Chapters 11,175 Word
“I keep tellin’ you what I’ve been feelin’, girl.” “Well, why don’t you open your damn mouth next time.”
How Do I Get You Alone? By exoticdeviance Rated MA O/S 12,831 Words
“See Hershel Greene’s pick-up just rolled up lookin’ funny and that farm is too far out to risk not takin’ a look.”

When Merle doesn’t get a response he barrels on, “And ya see, if her Daddy found out his sweet lil’ girl took his truck into town even though he told her not to, well, you know how Hershel can be. We can’t just leave his girl stranded and in trouble, right brother?”

Daryl sits up so fast he gets dizzy and has to steady himself on the side of the car.

You and I (Will Face The World Together Series) by Frosthawk Rated T 6 Parts 10,122 Words
Daryl is released from the army after 12 years of service and is struggling with PTSD. His biggest source of support is his brother, until a certain blonde comes into his life and starts to piece him back together. 5-part series that follows Daryl’s progress as time goes by. 
Someday you’ll have a Beautiful Life by wellthatdepends Rated MA 2 Chapters 15,615 Words
Daryl and Beth meet on the farm. She’s a teacher and he’s a mechanic. Their worlds collide and they will never be the same again.
Cigarettes & Smiles by lostinthemusic6 Rated T 16 Chapters 15,681 Words
Beth is a night cashier at the local convenience store, smitten by rough (but sweet and quiet) biker Daryl Dixon who stops in every night she works. They have a sort of friendship but they finally get the spark they need when Beth’s life is put in danger.
Bonnie and Clyde by AshleyTrecartin Rated MA 10 Chapters 11,122 Words
Beth and Daryl are the most notorious modern day criminal duo. Always one step ahead of the police, the only thing they love more than the thrill of pulling a heist is each other.
Wayfaring Stranger by TheSparksAbove Rated MA 7 Chapters 19,713 Words
During the civil war, Beth was left on the family farm to take care of things, while her father volunteered his medical services. Daryl was a soldier drifting home when he came across the Greene farm to spend the night.
The Heart Won’t Lie by texasbelle91 Rated T 11 Chapters 15,749 Words
Daryl promised Beth the world when they got older, then he broke her heart by leaving without a trace. She’s moved on by the time he comes back into her life, but as she let go of him completely?
Ever Since by spicehnoodles Rated T O/S 12,844 Words
Daryl is the Grimes neighbor and when he sees their new babysitter Beth for the first time, both of their lives will never be the same.
The Archer and the Songbird by darkmystress00 Rated T O/S 17,296 Words
The Archer and the Songbird, is a love story about a professional monster truck driver, The Archer, who meets a young, pretty, innocent girl while on his racing circuit.  He’s a tough guy with a good heart and she’s a kid on the cusp of adulthood,  looking for independence. There are bumps and bruises along the way, but the question is, can they make it work?
Maybe by 6sixteen Rated T 5 Chapters 12,930 Words
Beth and Daryl meet at a party and it’s an instant connection.
Moonshine by pandabomb Rated T O/S 10,528 Words
Alternate universe one shot depicting our beloved Walking Dead characters and fan favorites as werewolves.  Daryl and Merle come across the Greene farm, already inhabited by Rick, Lori, Carl, Shane, Michonne, and even her son, Andre.  The cosmos is aligned perfectly, as Daryl and Beth discover each other and know through some intricate, werewolf intuition that they are soul mates from the moment they meet.  Awwww….
Just Like Heaven by burnedupasun Rated MA O/S 13,109 Words
Daryl is a struggling artist and is having problems finding his inspiration after the death of his brother, Merle. At the advice of a friend, he thinks he’ll try painting people and advertises for a model. The moment he meets college student Beth, inspiration hits and the chemistry between the two of them is unstoppable.
Hearts On Fire by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 18,063 words
Daryl and Beth are an unexpected and strange couple, but they love each other nevertheless.
On The Inside by LadyIngenue Rated T 10 Chapters 19,558 Words
Daryl is in prison for his father’s death. He was in the woods around the time when Maggie went missing. With all her hope, Beth writes to him, hoping that he can help her solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance.
I Could Be Your Light by Roksolana Rated MA 10 Chapters 18,909 Words
Beth Greene was determined to win this battle. She could not allow her stupid crush over Daryl Dixon, her best friend’s boyfriend, ruin their friendship. But she was absolutely not prepared for the drastic changes that her fate had planned for her. In the end of the day it’s all about the choices we make in our life.