Best Multi-Chapter 2017

The nominees are:

A Journey Already Taken by Elise Marie

Bump Series by lemonstar

Caught by JLeigh11

Come Back To Me by katiebee89

Coming Home by leftmywingshome

Different But Still The Same by

Different But The Same by Penny Serenade

Feral by Silvergryphone06

If I Told You by leftmywingshome

Interrupted Love by SciFiGirl22 and gneebee

Long Gone by gneebee

Not Her by gneebee

Once Upon A Time by McCorv3

One Cold Night by gneebee

Opening Moves by arrowsandangels

Orphic by piper1016

Survivor by lemonstar

Trouble In Mind by gneebee

What We Become Along The Way by onborrowedwings