ZA Fic Week

July 2 –  July 8

Zombies started this whole mess, so why not add on to it.

What are your favorite ZA fanfiction stories?

Is there an author who can write ZA better than Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman?


18 Miles Out by mondieu666 – one of the top stories out there. Everyone has read it, and if you haven’t, get on it.

On The Road by UltimateBethylFicList and ayame2004 – I’m gonna toot my own horn on this one cause I’m super proud of it and I got to work with one of my closest friends on this. We will probably never write part 2 but there is always hope.

The Blink Series by SpicyPepper-Sweet Sugar – I read this last year for Bethyl Book Club and it just blew me away. I have never read something so fast, cause I just didn’t want to stop reading.

She’s Breathing by burnedupasun – This story won so many awards in the 2015 Moonshine Awards, and it totally deserves them. It gives us the Fix-It to Coda that we deserve.


I would have liked to post new story here, but I have too many WIPs to start on another.

And I have way too many ZA stories that I love to choose just a couple.

The most important thing to me is that so many great writers have not been willing to “give up the ship.” We continue to see terrific new ZA stories featuring our OTP.

It’s not easy to write a story and harder to put it out there for others to judge, so thanks to all of you that do.


She Is The Sunlight leftmywingshome shameless plug for my very own ZA which I am quite proud of…

make it through wellthatdepends I just found this little gem last night!

Everything Up Where It Belongs dynamicsymmetry Cause this one killed me continuously.

Fall Right In abelina This is a WIP that I won’t ever give up on.. I’ll be here wating.. @abelinajt

Fifty Four Days  Lemonstar And all the follow up fics.. 🙂

From The Ashes Melissa_Alexander I just recently read this one too!! And the sequel!

And From Your Lips She Drew The Hallelujah weshallflyaway the feels.. some fics you wish would never end!

I love my Daryl and I absolutely love it when a fanfic author is able to capture his character in ZA fics as well as AU fics.. however I have an open mind and when an author wants to try taking the character in another direction I am definitely on board to give it a try.. So.. these two fics have and are really amazing even with a somewhat OOC Daryl..

Converge by tanglingshadows

Term and Conditions by rckyfrk (This is a WIP)


18 MilesOut by @mondieuwordnerd (and she wrote ALL of this before Bethyl was even a thing, guys. ❤️). This was also one of the very first Bethyl fics I read, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

– Fall Right In by @abelinajt most of you already know the magic that springs from the mind of Abby. If you aren’t reading this WIP, you’re seriously depriving yourself of some wonderful Bethyl feels. Also love just about any Bethyl oneshot/Drabble she owns. Take your pick.

She is the Sunlight by @leftmywingshome just recently read this little gem and it deserves a mention. ❤️

Ummm … just about anything that @dynamicsymmetry writes. ❤️

And down here I shall shamelessly plug my own little fic babies, as I have only ever written ZA Bethyl – all of which you can find on both and under the user/pen name: Melissa_Alexander

* From the Ashes – a multi-chapter canon divergent that picks up after the season 4 finale.

* From the Embers – a one-shot sequel to From the Ashes that touches on Bethyl family life in Alexandria.

* The Way Forward – a multi-chapter WIP that takes place at the prison.

There are so many more amazing stories and writers – my “To Read” list has seriously reached EPIC proportions!


LemonStar @templeton21. Everything she writes is gold. Pure Bethyl Domestic Fluffy Gold. House Call and Fifty Four Days are my favs but serious read it all. She’s amazing. @mondieuwordnerd got me into this crazy fandom because of 18 Miles Out.


There are so many good ZA fics. I have restricted myself to top 5, finished, multi chapter fics (I figure the one shots might make an appearance in smut week )

In no particular order

Shifting Boxes ( one of the first fics I read. I love the passage of time and evolution of this fic. The hair washing scene still gets me.

Safe Up Here With You ( dark, brooding and brilliant. Like all of dynamicsymmetry’s work.

What We Became Along The Way ( I have only just read this (and it has only just been finished ) but another fic with a wonderful (but not dragging ) passage of time and slow burn.

Warming Up ( One of the best reunion scenes. Ever. And an amazing and real smut scene.

Converge ( It’s interesting seeing a different Daryl and Beth and how they grow to be.

And doing this has made me find some more recently completed fics I need to read…. plus all the WIP which I am dying for more of!

Happy reading!


I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Aireabella