Lost and Found

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373 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. I’m looking for a fanfiction where Daryl and Beth are alone for a while, maybe after the fall from prison, in the meantime they start to bond, and reunite with the group. I remember at one point Daryl and Beth are having sex, Daryl realizes that someone watches them, he feels that feeling, then he sees footprints on the floor on the outside, and assumes it may be Gabriel or Engene, but ends up being Carol. I know he’s jealous of Beth. I would like to find this fanfic, and I think it may not have been finalized.


  2. I’m looking for a few that I lost.
    1. Beth Daryl and Rick are in a love triangle in the prison and Beth is pregnant and has the baby but the baby dies and she digs it up and it kills her. Daryl cuts himself a lot in the story and has bad infections.
    2. Beth Daryl and Rick have a polyamorus relationship in Alexandria and she uses the safe word moonshine to stop the BDSM play when they offer her a green lollipop and she flashes back to Grady Hospital.
    3. Rick is having sex with an underage Beth bent over a barrel in the prison after he’s out of his mind with grief over Lori. Daryl catches him and then has his turn at her too.
    4. Daryl plays rough with Beth in the prison, he tells her to run and she does and he catches her and slaps her and he gets rough and eventually stops himself.


  3. I’m trying to find the story where the whole gang is sleeping on the floor in a pile in a barn and beth and daryl and scrunched up next to each other and then smexy times occur.


  4. Hey hey! I know the story I’m looking for, but I can’t find it anywhere. A World Above, it’s a Hades/Persephone AU story and I remember loving how beautifully it was written. Does anyone know where to find it?


    1. It might be A World Above (A Bethyl Hades and Persephone AU) by BethGreeneWarriorPrincess, but it is not on AO3 or FF.net anymore. I think she deleted it. You could probably ask about it from her on tumblr? (Bethgreenewarriorprincess.tumblr.com)


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