Introductions and Orientation Week

June 25th – July 1st

Who are you? Why do you like Bethyl? Do you have a tumblr? Do you write fanfic? Do you make art and sell it? Do you make youtube videos?

Tell us about yourself!


Hi Everyone! I’m Stacey and I run UltimateBethylFicList. I’m from Manitoba, Canada and I’ll be 31 this summer. I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and I have a beautiful daughter. I have an in-home daycare and during nap time is when I’m able to get the most work done.

I have loved Bethyl since the hiatus between Season 4 and 5. I had heard about The Walking Dead when it first came out but didn’t stick with it. Then I started seeing a whole bunch of fan videos about them and I wanted to know what was up with them.

That turned into a huge obsession and brought me into this fandom. I have made so many great friends through tumblr, and fan sites and it’s great to have a community of people that understand.

I am fully TD but I only post stuff to my personal blog. I try and keep UBFL just about the fanfics and fun stuff like this!

I write fanfic under the penname of UltimateBethylFicList. I have one story on the go right now and a collab in the works. You can find them on

Happy Week 1 everyone!

Hey yall! I’m Khyharah or Khy and I’m from central Louisiana. I’m a 35 yr old work at home mom and an avid Bethyl shipper. I actually have a lot of ships over various fandoms but Bethyl is in my top 5 favs. My Tumblr (and and WordPress and wattpad and AO3 lol) are all under the same name so I’m easily found lol.

I came into the Bethyl fandom only in the last year. Sad I know. I really only started watching Walking Dead in October 16 after my sis in law watched the season 7 premiere and wanted to discuss and realized I hadn’t watched it. So after much pressure I got on Netflix and well….u know the rest of the story. I began shipping Bethyl from the “30 Days Without an Accident” episode and that was it! My devastation at “Coda” cannot be described (that was the first time I really ugly cried over a character. Like I cried at merle but this was so much more) and I officially joined TD. She’s coming back just u watch!

I write fanfic, though I’ve never written a TWD fic. I’ve written Twilight (don’t throw tomatoes!!) And one Twilight/Sons of Anarchy fic (that I honestly need to finish) . I have had inspiration for Dead fics but not the time to write. I LOVE AU/No ZA fics, but sometimes I do prefer them well within the ZA universe. Depends on the mood I suppose!

So that’s Me! Here’s to a great Summer of Bethyl!!

I’m Jeanne, pen name gneebee, and I live in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I’m married with two children and work in water treatment / water reclamation.
I first believed in Bethyl in S3 when Beth sang “Parting Glass.” I saw how focused Daryl was on her. They became my OTP. “Still” brought it home and “Alone” sealed the deal. I won’t be happy until she comes back and they’re together.
I write Walking Dead FanFiction and enjoying creating photo art for each story chapter. I love to see all the beautiful, imaginative things everyone creates, fanart, videos, stories, etc. I know how much time is involved and the love that goes into each work.
I’ve met so many wonderful people in this fandom, it’s been my pleasure.
I’m excited to see everyone’s submissions this summer.
Thank you to Stacey and all that participate!
Bethyl on!
xo gneebee / Jeanne

HI, I’m Dayle and I am from South Louisiana. I am 60 and a huge Bethyl fan (I may be the oldest fan). My hubby and I have been married for 40 years and have one married daughter. I started watching TWD on Netflix and fell in love with the show and cannot wait for season 8 and Beth to return. My favorite episodes are Still and Alone and have watched them over and over so many times. I am a romantic at heart and love several tv ships, but Bethyl is my favorite. I do follow Bethyl tumblr blogs, and I am an avid reader of all Bethyl fanfiction.

i prefer to go by gdiscb, scb or mabel. i’m from the south (war eagle) and some of y’all may recognize my art popping up in the bethyl tags.

i have honestly been in the bethyl fandom since march/april of 2016 (y’all can thank @spnfox for that) and have recently gotten off the fence about baby girl’s status. i’m not very vocal nor do i really contribute much to theories, but i do tend to read a lot of them and reblog ones that i feel strongly about.

my blog is a hodge-podge of stuff, but you can find my art through this tag or on my art-only blog consciousinspirations.

i hope to contribute as much art as i can during this event!

leftmywingshome or Jennifer. I’m from California. I’m divorced and not looking! I have two sons and a bunch of borrowed kids that I call my own! I work in the Special Education Dept at our high school during the school year and teach preschool part time over summer break.

I started writing fan fiction before I knew what fan fiction was.. My mom and grandma were avid soap opera fans and those things never went how I wanted them too! So I rewrote entire episodes. I was probably 10 at the time and should not have even been watching that stuff!! I have written fan fic for Roswell and TWD. I’ve been toying around with some Star Wars ideas but haven’t been brave enough to actually write. I have one WIP and a collaboration in the planning stages. I make banners for UBFL and read way too much fan fiction!! I’ve made some really sweet friends here who keep me supplied with fan fiction to read!

I became a real fan at the beginning of season 3. My niece and son watched from the start and I caught a couple of S1 scenes and was horrified that my sweet innocent babies were watching that scary stuff! S2 rolled around and I watched from the hallway while those sweet innocent babies made fun of me! After an S2 marathon I watched from the couch in the living room. Beth was my first fave character, Daryl followed pretty quickly once I realized he was an angry man that just needed hugs. I was stunned when Coda aired and still to this day cannot wrap my head around it all! Am I TD? Depends on the day. That’s actually what brought me to tumblr in 2015. I googled something and got a link to a post “Beth is alive and this is why..” It’s hard holding out hope and besides the main theories I just don’t know. But I’m here and the candle is still burning and I love the tenacity of TD’ers. I will admit in all my years of fangirling over one thing or another I have never been quite as obsessed with an actor as I am with Mr. Norman Reedus (I rue the day I googled the actor who plays Daryl Dixon!) Yes I saw BDS, no I wasn’t a fan. I met him last summer at his restaurant and of course he was just the nicest guy.

When I’m not obsessing over fandom, I write original stuff, ride motorcycles , run and lift weights. 🙂 🙂

Brady66 (Heather). I was a hardcore Daryl shipper from the jump, and I will admit I loved the relationship between the two. That being said, when Daryl was alone with Beth….I fell in love with bethyl. She brought out a caring, sweetness in him and he brought out her toughness. I firmly believe that TWD and TPTB missed out on something really special when it came to them, so I write and read fan fictions to see what could’ve been.

Hi everyone! I’m pushing myself to participate in the Summer of Bethyl 2017. I hope it helps encourage and motivates me to write more. So, about me:

My name is Ashley, I live in Oklahoma (in the US), and I write fanfiction (a LOT of it) or I used to. More on that in a second. (You can find my stuff on under akiraflame-tumblr)

I also helped co-found the Bethyl Ghost Chat ( @bethyl-ghost-chat ) which is/was a weekly or daily or whenever-we-needed-it chat to discuss Bethyl, theories, fanfics, Emily and Norman’s careers, and make new friends.

I fell in love with Bethyl the summer before season 5 started. I had abandoned the show after the first half of season 2 but seeing Beth and Daryl in “Still” brought me back. That summer, we did 20 hour Ghost Chats and wrote so many stories…and the friends I made, well, they’ll be lifetime friends.

It all ended for me in October 2014. I lost my sister, Heather, on her way to work, suddenly, to a driver under the influence…

And that’s where I stopped. Because it was hard to do anything without my best friend.

I met Norman immediately after losing my sister and that story went viral. It helped encourage me to manage an update to a story here and there…

And here I am, almost three years later.

I’m about to get married in 4 months and I’m ready to heal.

I’m ready to write.

So, here’s to Bethyl. Here’s to the friends I made and the stories.

Hi everyone! I’m Brenda, my penname is SquishyCool on FFN and AO3.
I’m 25 and I was born and raised in Kansas but I moved to Nevada about 5 years ago and now I live in Las Vegas. I work as a cashier in a grocery store and I live with my boyfriend of one year. Writing and reading fanfiction is my biggest hobby, next to video games and TV. Sometimes I do stuff with the few friends that I have, too.

I’ve watched, and loved, The Walking Dead since it premiered, but I never really shipped anyone. I saw the appeal to Car*l/Daryl, but it just never really struck me as interesting. By the end of 4×12, the chemistry was undeniable and I hardcore shipped Bethyl, and then the “Oh” scene just solidified their mutual feelings for each other and ever since then, I’ve been stuck on them. I also adored the character development they gave to Beth, and she became one of my favorite characters.

I’ve loved meeting other Bethyl shippers on tumblr and through fanfiction. I’ve written a handful of fics for Bethyl, and I currently have 2 multi-chapters in progress, one of them AU. I post to both FFN and AO3. And I’m always looking to follow new friends on here!

Happy week 1!! 🙂

My name is Trina (mylittleillusionslive on Tumblr and bethylmommy on A03.) I am a fanfiction writer and fanvideo maker, when I have time. However, I never actually have time because I am too busy chasing my two year old around. I am also a high school English teacher.

Now, to te you a little of my story with Bethyl. I actually was a really late bloomer when it came to this show. I HATE the horror genre! It just terrifies me, so I never planned to watch the show. So, I was almost 5 months pregnant in 2014, scrolling through Facebook when every other status that popped up in my feed was something like “Beth! No!!” I got curious, so I looked up this Beth on TWD on Youtube. Well, I watched her “death scene,” and thought, “This is so sad! That poor guy just watched his girlfriend get shot in the head and then had to carry her out!!” So, begins my newest supercouple. I started watching the show on Netflix and was peeved to find out they never got together. No joke, that’s how it went.

Now, for a long time, I was a firm believer and member of TD, but I have “mostly” let it go. Bethyl lives on though in my Fanfiction and reading of other work.

That’s my story.

Hello, I am Joey and I am from the southwestern United States. I am 53 and have four children, ages 31, 19, 18 nd 17. I work from home raise livestock and I am also a 4H leader.
I started watching TWD ordiglannly but lost tracj for a few years when work got on the way. I did a re-watch on Netflix and at the beginning of S6 and that is when I got back on board and especially with Bethyl, Beth and her possible return.
I am really happy to share that over the last 18 months I have finished my first fan fic and it is currently in the revisions stage and I hope to have it up soon.
Though this fandom I have been able to explore new talents and make new friends.

So that’s me!! Let’s have fun!

Heya! My name is Domenica a.k.a. DoeRoseQ on Tumblr & Instagram. I am a married FT mom of a 6 year-old daughter and I live in San Diego, CA. I am absolutely consumed with Bethyl. Never before have I felt as inspired, emotional, and full o’ wistful feels and swooning over a fictional couple as I have about Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon. I have been hardcore fangirling over this OTP like a romance-obsessed teenager ever since I quite unexpectedly stumbled down into the rabbit hole of this niche fandom in June 2015. Bethyl makes my heart ache, my head swim, and tears flow. Bethyl is BEAUTIFUL. When Beth was shot, I was so grief-stricken, traumatized, angry, and resentful that I had stopped watching TWD as a result. Beth and Daryl’s deep connection had such poetic potential to blossom into an epic love, but it was cruelly and tragically cut way too short. But then I found Team Delusional seven months later and my soul was uplifted with hope and faith. I just have to keep believing because to give up on Bethyl is to give up on a dream… a dream that eloquently and enduringly unites us Bethylers.
To soothe my angst and emotional pain over these tragic angels, I have made a ton of photo edits, done a couple of drawings, and for past year or so, I have been taking photos of my Beth and Daryl action figures posed and staged in different settings and scenarios. That photographic mission has now morphed into a series of comic strips that I began making in March of this year called “The Adventures of Beth & Daryl.” I truly enjoy doing this because I can manipulate these figures and place them cute, funny, and sweet situations and stories. They can do stuff that completely deviates from TWD series canon. It’s like creating visual fanfic and it’s ever so gratifying for me. I love making creative contributions to this fandom. But even more than that, I love all of the wonderful friends I have made while in this fandom. Some of the nicest, truest, kindest, and most genuine people I have ever met are Bethylers.

Hi all!

Melissa here (or Lis/Lissa) – 35 years young and from NE PA.

I’m a SAHM to 5 beautiful and equally challenging children (2 with autism and 1 with a physical disability) and a super PROUD step-mommy to 19 year old twin boys serving in separate branches of the United States Military. My husband and I just celebrated 13 years on 6/16 (and amazingly he’s still breathing -ha!)

I’ve been an avid Walking Dead fan from way before it became a TV show – however, I lost interest in the comics shortly after Negan came on the scene. (Gee, I wonder why?) However, I didn’t actually start watching the show until the end of season 1 (watched all eps in a marathon) and then I was hooked.

My favorite character(s): Hershel Greene (how can anyone not just LOVE Scott Wilson???) I think my love for Daryl goes without saying, and of course Beth -I always seem to gravitate towards the character that gets shit on the most in every fandom (Beth, Sansa).

I proudly declare that I am social media stunted, so I’m not as active on Tumblr as I’d like to be, but I’m grateful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made in this fandom. ❤️ (and the fanfiction … omg ❤️❤️❤️ -we have some of *the* most amazing writers in this fandom)!!

I write under the pen name Melissa Alexander on both and Ao3, and my stories are:

From the Ashes (completed) -multi chapter
From the Embers (completed) -one shot
The Way Forward (WIP) -multi chapter

I’m Marla. I’m married to @jbird9 and together we have one adorable little boy who just hit 18 mos and another little boy who is due in October. I’m a music teacher near St. Louis. Rckyfrk is my handle on pretty much every social media platform out there, including AO3 and

Before Bethyl, I didn’t know what shipping was. I had wanted characters to get together and stuff, but never so much that I went looking, you know? It all started after Still. To see their connection become stronger and stronger right in front of my eyes and then be left with that teaser for Alone…I actually went looking for spoilers. I’ve never looked for spoilers, before or since, but I was so instantly addicted, I had to know.

Instead of spoilers, I found fan fiction. And after a couple weeks of reading, I finally signed up for an account and even wrote my first story, Claimed.

Enter tumblr.

I have made some wonderful friendships on this site – some of them stronger than those IRL. I feel like I can be more honest about who I am with you lovely people, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Hi, I go by Elsee07 online. I am 35 and live in Australia with my husband and 2 small people, and am going to claim time zone difference for being late for week 1 (even though we’re ahead lol). Or maybe winter hibernation 😉

Anyway, I have been watching TWD for a little while, but only half heartedly as the zombies used to scare me hahaha. I became interested in Bethyl early last year when I put on my big girl pants and watched seasons 4-6 back to back. And then I discovered fanfiction. Mind. Blown.

I am not very active on social media. I have a tumblr, but it has nothing on it. I just browse bethyl stuff on there. I have a fic (plus a prologue) on AO3. I am going to use Summer of Bethyl to force me to finish the one-shot AU I have been working on for over 6 months (life/work etc has been crazy). I may also contemplate trying to make time for a smutty one shot, and maybe even starting one of the longer AUs that have been rolling around in my head for ages (or one of the ZAs I have rolling around… but I think I prefer the half formed AUs).

Bethylbirthdays –

Hi all! I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain what this blog is about.

The idea is to celebrate all the bethylers out there, especially on their birthday. Follow the blog for updates (I start posting notices/reminders a week before the actual birthday), and send me an ask/PM to have your day added to the calendar. Right now we’re up to 65 followers, which is darned impressive, if you ask me.

If you’d like to be added, please let me know! I love making those little reminders and seeing the love being sent one note at a time.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy this Summer of Bethyl – it’s sure to be a good one!