Fan Art Week

July 9th – July 15th

What’s your favorite hand drawn art? Do you have a favorite artist? Do you have some new art you want to share with us?



@spnfox – i will list the links for some of my favorite pieces by one of the greatest artists i have had the privilege of getting to know, meet and call a best friend of mine because she deserves the notes and y’all should really check her stuff out!

@nikitajobson – oh gosh, if i had the money to buy her prints and other types of merch, i would be broke. here are a list of links for some of my faves from her as well

@itsmmmills – if y’all haven’t gone and followed her on tumblr or insta (same name), y’all are truly missing out. super sweet and interactive with followers! also does livestreaming on her insta a couple times a week (which is an absolute treat). here are a few links of my fave pieces from her

@unfbadger/@unbadger – both their sfw and nsfw material is so smooth and flows like nothing you have seen. they truly show the mesmerizing side of story-board style while keeping it bold enough to stand on its own. here are some of links of my faves from them