Comic-Con Week

July 23rd – July 29th

Comic-Con 2014 was the originator of the Summer of Bethyl. We were treated to a spectacular relationship between Norman and Emily, lots of photo ops and interviews and the trailer revealed where Beth was and that Daryl was going to find her.

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I had fallen for Bethyl only the month prior so to see these two ham it up at SDCC 2014 was like winning the lottery. I shipped them a little too hard after but it gave me such hope for what Season 5 would bring.

Flash forward to Season 8 trailer and I was blown away by the trailer. It was action packed and upbeat. The irish music was awesome cause I have a soft spot for Ireland. I knew we wouldn’t see Beth but that Coda at the end with Rick sure gave me some feels. It’s all about the music!


The summer of 2014 I was a fan watching and loving the show. But worrying and wondering where Beth was and hoping the group got out of Terminus alive so Daryl could find her. Because they had something.. yes they did and it didn’t matter one bit to me that she was so much younger. I had not been corrupted by the fandom yet.. and I was only vaguely familiar with Comic Con.. That all changed after Coda. I don’t remember exactly how it happened but during a search on google I saw things about Beth being alive. And that led me to tumblr and Bethyl fanfiction and a bunch of extremely awesome things and a handful of crap! Fast forward to the present…

The season 8 trailer was pretty much what I expected to see, a war. The ending definitely made me think of a time skip. (I read the comics to compare, I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard fan, but they are interesting.) I don’t think it’s Rick waking up from a coma or a dream. That would be a weak storyline in my opinion. But we’ve been let down by the writers before so… And I don’t know when it’s gonna take place or if it’s even going to happen at all. (They like to fuck with the fans…) I didn’t get any Beth feels at all. Except for the fact that there could be a time skip and wouldn’t that be a perfect time for her to come home.

I leave for Georgia next Thursday and my sister and I are on a mission to find out all we can. (Honestly, I am just on a mission to stand next to Norman again and pet him…)

Comic Con seemed pretty subdued to previous Cons, and rightly so, with all that has been going on for the show. I loved the JDM and Norman moments! (I love Andy and Norman together too! ) I think that I would definitely lose my shit if I had to endure the chaotic crowds they endured! Bless them for all they do for the fans!

Anyone else have different S8 theories??


I thought this Con was disappointing in terms of TWD. The cast mostly seemed to look exhausted and like they wished the con was over.

The trailer was the bright spot, we got to see Daryl return to his bad ass ways. I’m hoping that’s the way he will be portrayed in S8 – not so morose and so quiet. I’d like to see him return to his S2 / S3 self, where he was snarky, opinionated, hot-tempered and yep, bad ass.

I’m still hoping Beth is the blond guitar playing singer in the Kingdom 🙂